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126 Landrum Bolling Center

Rossa Darni

Global Program Coordinator


  • Center for Global and Career Education
  • Center for Global Education


  • M.A., Columbia University
  • B.A., Earlham College



Rossa Darni is a proud alum of Earlham, class of 2013. She studied international studies and politics for her bachelor’s degree, worked as the senior adviser for EducationUSA (a network of the U.S. Department of State) in Indonesia, and was a partnership representative for an EdTech startup. Rossa earned her M.A. in international education from Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York. Her experiences and specialties are in intercultural competence development, community engagement, educational programming, international education partnerships, career development, monitoring/evaluation, qualitative research and marketing. For Rossa, the best part of being the Global Programs Coordinator is that she chats with students daily on topics that she is passionate about, such as travel and post-college life. Her main role is to prepare students for an EPIC program/internship abroad and provide intercultural competence training. In addition, you can contact her for information about the Border Studies or Jordan programs.

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