Javier Orduz photo

Javier Orduz, Ph.D.

Visiting assistant professor of computer science and mathematics

Email:[email protected]

Location: CST 204

About me

Dr. Javier Orduz is a visiting assistant professor at EC, he was a Research Scholar and instructor of Computer Science at Baylor University in Texas. He worked at UNAM (Mexico) for five years as a Postdoctoral and Associate Professor before arriving in the USA. He also coordinates QMexico (http://qmexico.org/), an academic community interested in promoting Quantum Computing in Latin America. He participates as a mentor in the LatinX community (https://www.latinxinai.org/), and has experience teaching and researching Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, and applications. Javier Orduz loves Mathematics, Physics, and Computing, and he promotes science in Latin America with a high interest in technology.


  • Ph.D., BUAP (Mexico)
  • M.S., BUAP (Mexico)
  • B.A., UPTC (Colombia)

Why do you teach at Earlham?

EC has an interesting collaboration among Math, CS, Physics, and Data Science departments, which are the topics that I followed in my research.

Professional memberships

Research projects

Quantum Computing, Quantum Machine Learning, and Applications.

Scholarly interest

Computing, Math, Physics, and Applications.

Published works

Go to my website: jaorduc.github.io

[1] Olawale Ayoade, Pablo Rivas, and Javier Orduz. Artificial intelligence computing at the quantum level.Data, 7(3), 2022. ISSN 2306-5729. doi: 10.3390/data7030028. URLhttps://www.mdpi.com/2306-5729/7/3/28.

[2] Ziheng Sun, Laura Sandoval, Robert Crystal-Ornelas, S. Mostafa Mousavi, Jinbo Wang, Cindy Lin, NicoletaCristea, Daniel Tong, Wendy Hawley Carande, Xiaogang Ma, Yuhan Rao, James A. Bednar, Amanda Tan, Jianwu Wang, Sanjay Purushotham, Thomas E. Gill, Julien Chastang, Daniel Howard, Benjamin Holt, Chandana Gangodagamage, Peisheng Zhao, Pablo Rivas, Zachary Chester, Javier Orduz, and Aji John. A review of earth artificial intelligence.Computers & Geosciences, 159:105034, 2022. ISSN 0098-3004. URL https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0098300422000036.

[3]Tonni Jui, Olawale Ayoade, Pablo Rivas, and Javier Orduz. Performance analysis of quantum machine learning classifiers. InNeurIPS 2021 Workshop LatinX in AI, 2021.

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.