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Alumni awards

Earlham College presents alumni awards each year to Earlhamites who have demonstrated excellence or achievement in a chosen career, service to the College, active participation in service and volunteer organizations or service to the Society of Friends, or outstanding achievement in athletics. These honors include the Outstanding Alumni Award, Distinguished Service Award, and induction into the Earlham College Athletics Hall of Fame

Alumni awards accepting nominations

The Alumni Council is currently accepting nominations for the 2021 Alumni Awards. Please submit your nomination by Dec. 31 to be considered for the following year’s awards ceremony.

Athletics Hall of Fame accepting nominations

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is currently accepting nominations for inductees. Please submit your nomination by Dec. 31 to be considered for that year’s awards ceremony. View criteria for the award here.

2019 Award Honorees

In 2019, the College was pleased to honor Avis Stewart `74 as the recipient of Earlham’s 2019 Outstanding Alumni Award, and Stephen Heiny and Charles Meyer `69 as recipients of the Distinguished Service Award. Read their bios below.

Karman Duchon `11 (women’s soccer), John Guthrie `64 (men’s soccer), Fintje Lehman `93 (women’s lacrosse/women’s soccer) and Chris Shaw `10 (football/men’s track & field) were the newest inductees into the Earlham College Athletics Hall of Fame.

Award Recipient Archives

2019Avis Stewart `74
Stephen Heiny
Charles Meyer `69
2018Mat Johnson `93
Anne Mathews-Younes `68
John Young `55
2017Lavona Bane `52
Amanda Mills Wilcox `76
Daniel J. Brat `87
David Stump `72
2016Ron Berry `95
Sunu P. Chandy `94
Sara Gelser `94
John Iverson
2015Douglas Hamilton `74
Herman B. White `70
Katie Yamasaki `99
David Matthews `65
2014Howard Federoff `74
Jewell Spears `57
Arthur Wagner `46
Mervyn Love
2013Juan Dies ’88
Helen Greenwood Hansma ’67
Lew Frederick ’73
2012Don McNemar ’65
Bruce L. Pearson ’53
Ron Oberle ’59
Bill Harvey
2011Charles Matthews ’50
Bill Buskirk ’66
Rebecca Voelkel ’91
Del Harris
2010Rey Carranza ’55
Christine Fukui ’70
Ward Trueblood ’60
Gordon Thompson
2009Margaret Heafield Hamilton ’58
Katherine Kay (Krewson) Pickering ’59
David K. Wagner ’52
State Senator Allen Paul
2008Anne Norton Miller ’66
Fred McClure ’84
Richard Nakamura ’68
Bill Stephenson
2007Liza Donnelly ’77
Priscilla Hayner ’85
Thomas Gottschalk ’64
2006Dedication of Mills Residence Hall,
honoring the Mills Family.

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