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Student Life


Student Life

Community with a Difference

At Earlham, we believe there should be a connection between life inside and out of the classroom. Our approach is rooted in our Principles and Practices, which means we strive to create community, embrace simplicity, act with integrity, seek peace and treat one another with respect.


That’s why you will see professors at sporting events and performances and why students serve alongside faculty on many committees. It’s why “town hall” style meetings draw people from all corners of campus. It’s the reason some students list faculty and staff among their closest friends on campus. And it’s why many Earlham employees are still in contact with students who graduated years — or even decades — ago.

Community and Residential Life

Earlham isn’t the kind of place where you’ll socialize exclusively with students from their own major or make friends only with people from similar backgrounds. We work hard at creating a real community — where people celebrate together, have fun together, cheer one another on at games and performances, offer support to those who need it and that hold one another accountable when things go wrong. Those values are at the heart of how we live together, in residence halls and group houses, working together to make Earlham a good experience for everybody.

Student Activities

Earlham has dozens of clubs and organizations tailored to all sorts of interests. Whether you want to continue a favorite activity you’ve been doing for years, or try something brand new, you’ll find lots of opportunities at Earlham. Including opportunities that are a little unexpected — like cricket matches on sunny spring days, hammocks hanging from trees, games of humans vs. zombies across campus, or performing with Dance Alloy — one of our largest student groups.

Student Leadership

You’ll find all kinds of ways to lead, including some that might surprise you. Join a committee with faculty members, and they might just put you in charge of an important project. Lead a club, and you’ll find yourself listening carefully to other members and making decisions as a group. And when you graduate and move into the professional world, you’ll find that the skills Earlham teaches in coalition building and consensus decision are key to success in the modern working world.

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Global Engagement

Earlham students tend to be curious about the world, and interested in debating a variety of political and cultural issues from around the globe. Maybe it’s because Earlham welcomes students from dozens of countries. Maybe it’s because almost all of our students participate in off-campus learning opportunities. Whatever the reasons, Earlham is a place where you can hear a lot of different perspectives on world issues, and where the community comes together for cultural festivals or to participate in activism around issues of international concern.

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Religious & Spiritual Life

Earlham is made up of people of various faiths and religious practices and people of no religious faith. You will have opportunities to experience Quaker silence, Muslim Prayer, Jewish Shabbat Dinners, Christian Bible Study and Mindfulness Meditation among other rituals and traditions. We strive to cultivate a community shaped by our rootedness in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) that is open and hospitable to all.

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Our Team

Bonita Washington-Lacey
Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Registrar

Kareem Attia
Area Director

Kelly Burk
Chaplain and Director of Quaker Life

Nicole Clark
Area Director

Carol Anne Ferlauto
Assistant Director of the Newlin Quaker Center

Alcioné Frederick
Director of Student Engagement and Runyan Center

Angie Hobkirk
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Joe Lepone
Director of Event Services and Runyan Center

Karissa Light
Area Director

Yemi Mahoney
Associate Dean of Student Life and Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Marcus McNeal
Assistant Director of Residence Life — Housing Operations

Shane Peters
Associate Vice President for Student Life and Director of Residence Life

Jessica Sanford
Associate Dean of Students for Health and Wellness

Jessica Baker
25Live Scheduler/ Administrative Assistant

Lailul Ikram
Mediator and Coordinator of Interfaith Dialogue

Wendy Stonecash
Executive Assistant/Office Manager for the Vice President of Student Life

Sydney Tilley
Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Runyan Center

Susan Wilson
Administrative Assistant