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Pre-professional programs

A Bachelor of Arts degree from Earlham College offers an excellent foundation for students seeking to enter careers in engineering, healthcare and law, and our pre-professional programs provide expert advising and other benefits for these students. In fact, Earlham is one of the leading colleges in the U.S. for the percentage of our graduates who go on to earn graduate and professional degrees. Our personalized approach to advising will ensure you have the tools you need to pursue your professional goals.


Earlham has long history of preparing students for careers in medicine and related health professions. Our alumni have medical school acceptance rates of approximately 86 percent—roughly twice the national average. Recent graduates have enrolled in many of the nation’s leading medical schools, including Harvard, Chicago, Dartmouth, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Michigan and the University of Washington. Alumni have attended veterinary school at Purdue, Ohio State and University of California at Davis. Others have studied public health at Notre Dame, Northwestern and Johns Hopkins.

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How do I study pre-med at Earlham?

There is no correct major for those interested in health careers! Our programs are very flexible and can be adapted to fit with your major or off-campus program interests.


An Earlham education is extraordinarily well-designed to prepare students to excel in law school because of the emphasis we place on developing research and writing skills. To succeed in your legal education and as a legal professional, you will need exceptionally well-honed abilities in these critical areas. The day-to-day work of practicing attorneys is overwhelmingly dedicated to conducting legal research and writing various legal documents, ranging from briefs to contracts to wills. The best attorneys are those who also have the skills necessary to develop complex legal arguments to support the interests of their clients. At Earlham, much of our curriculum is dedicated to developing these competencies. 

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What type of support is offered for pre-law students?

Earlham has a pre-law adviser who can support you along your journey. We also offer a major in public policy and an applied minor in law and social justice.


Earlham’s 3-2 pre-engineering program provides a wonderful opportunity for students considering a career in engineering who want the experience of a broad, liberal arts education that is seldom available to students in engineering schools. By combining three years at Earlham with two years at an engineering school, you’ll gain a foundation in the liberal arts as well as the technical aspects of engineering—preparing you to solve problems in ways other engineers never considered.

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What schools can I go to after completing this program?

Earlham has transfer or combined programs with the following schools: 

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We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.