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Goal: $35M | Raised: $49.2M

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Through the For Good campaign, we will strengthen our efforts to recruit and enroll students who are intellectually curious, talented, compassionate and driven to create positive change—those who can imagine a better future not just for Earlham, but for the world.

Support enrollment growth

We will invest time, resources and attention to connect with prospective students and their families on a deeper level—helping them to feel like part of the Earlham community even sooner. This begins with immersive summer programs and continues with enhanced recruitment efforts both regionally and in key markets nationally. From there, we’ll make it easier for the students who find a fit at Earlham to take the next step through expanded financial aid.

  • Invest in regional financial aid through INspire and Heartland Scholarship support
  • Enhance recruitment resources and outreach within a 150-mile radius of campus.
  • Reimagine the Explore-a-College summer immersion program
  • Bolster high-touch recruiting in athletics

“Like many colleges, Earlham has long relied on word of mouth and its reputation to attract prospective students, but today, that is not enough. I recently met with a high school senior and his mother from Michigan who were driving to visit other campuses in the Midwest. He saw our billboards, looked up Earlham and decided to stop. After we chatted about Earlham’s pre-health resources, he now plans to apply to Earlham. Thanks to donor support for our regional recruiting efforts, we’re now on his list.”

Peter Blair

Professor of Biology, Director of Center for Global Health

Biology Professor Peter Blair
Jordan Hazel with playing cards in hand outside on Earlham campus

For students like Moises Zacatelco ’26

Expand endowed scholarships

Tuition only covers 48 percent of the true cost of educating our students, leaving a financial gap we must fill in other ways. Earlham is at its best when it includes diverse voices, and that’s only possible if we are accessible to incredible students regardless of their ability to pay. Endowed scholarships keep equity top of mind, our financial awards competitive with other colleges, and our offerings on the level that our community expects and deserves. If you are able to give in the form of an endowed scholarship, the impact and access you will provide to Earlhamites will grow year after year—and that’s not even considering the many ways in which our Earlhamites will multiply that good back out into the world. 

Why we give

“Earlham does a fantastic job of nurturing students who show up and are willing to do the work. There are students who have all of the tools and resources to be successful and will be successful anywhere. Earlham has a strong history of working with students who don’t have everything at their disposal and putting them on a trajectory that is higher than it would’ve been otherwise. That’s one of the reasons we strongly support Earlham.”

– Eric Dimick Eastman ’96 and Becky Dimick Eastman ’97,
recently endowed a scholarship for students from Wayne County

Strengthen the Earlham Fund

There’s a reason we put our name on this one. Annual gifts are one of our most reliable sources for making up the difference between tuition and the true cost of an Earlham education, allowing Earlhamites to fully realize the difference they want to make in the world. Gifts through the Earlham Fund give us flexibility to support students in ways that will be immediate and impactful along their journeys. The Earlham Fund makes extraordinary opportunities possible for our future world-changers. 

Learn how to give through the Earlham fund.

The Earlham Fund at work

When you give through the Earlham Fund, you make Earlham’s mission possible. The Earlham Fund allows the College to address its most pressing and immediate needs, which range from closing the tuition gap to funding student research and professional development experiences to engaging in campus-wide sustainability initiatives (and the list goes on).

We have all been inspired by the care, ambition and dedication of Earlham students, and your gifts to the Earlham Fund allow us to support them. No matter where they are called to lead, serve or innovate, our aim is to provide a foundation from which students can pursue their passions.

Read the student stories below to learn more about what current Earlhamites are doing, and how gifts to the Earlham Fund can change the world—for good.

Nico Quijano Franco

Nico Quijano Franco ’24


Nico is one of 10 global leaders chosen for the Future Nobel Laureate Scholarship in 2023.

Rutendo Magade ’23

Physics and Global Management

Rutendo saw a lack of Black representation in the media. Earlham has helped her change the narrative.

Isao Sakai ’24

Peace and Global Studies

Isao wants to tackle the systemic issues fueling climate change. His time at Earlham has made his activism more effective.

Marisol Cora-Cruz ’24


Marisol wants to address disparities in healthcare. Earlham research and internships are helping her do just that.

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.