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June 16, 2020

2020 Grad’s liberal arts training at Earlham captivates new co-workers at Microsoft

Freshly graduated from Earlham, Yuqian Zhang landed a job at Microsoft in Shanghai, China. She has also caught the attention of her new coworkers. Her liberal arts background and choice of a music minor to go along with her computer science major was not exactly standard compared to her new colleagues. “Why music and computer science?” she’s asked.


Earlham scores hole-in-one with golf gift

Men’s and women’s golf at Earlham College, slated to be suspended as part of institution-wide budget austerity measures, have received a welcome reprieve thanks to a major gift from an alumnus and his wife. READ MORE

Earlham geologists uncover new risks for tsunamis on east African coastline

An international team of researchers that included three Earlham geologists discovered evidence of an ancient tsunami striking Tanzania about 1,000 years ago. READ MORE

Exercise science major to be offered at Earlham College

Exercise science will be offered as a new academic major for Earlham College students in the fall of 2020. The program’s coursework is designed to prepare students for careers and graduate studies in several fields. READ MORE

Home renovation, landscaping start-up wins inaugural EPIC Grand Challenge to aid Wayne County

A business start-up launched by five Earlham College students has been awarded the $10,000 prize for winning the inaugural EPIC Grand Challenge, a competition that encourages social entrepreneurship and innovation with a focus on Wayne County, Indiana. READ MORE

5 ways Earlham College prepares students to serve on the frontlines of a pandemic

Students with aspirations to serve on the frontlines of a global pandemic like COVID-19 can participate in distinctive programming and experiences at Earlham College throughout their education. READ MORE