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Earlham is a national liberal arts college with a reputation for excellent teaching and preparing students to make a profound positive difference in the world.

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A catalyst for good

Earlham’s story begins in 1847, when a group of Quakers sought to foster education rooted in respect, integrity, peace, simplicity and community. Today, the college still embodies those qualities and has consistently ranked among the top national liberal arts institutions in the country. Earlham is a collaborative learning community that inspires and motivates students with transformative opportunities and experiences so they can become catalysts for good in a changing world.

Earlham is accredited, since 1913, by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In 2014, Earlham received a full 10-year renewal of its accreditation.

Quick facts about Earlham College

Since 1847, Earlham College has fostered a collaborative learning community that inspires and motivates students with transformative opportunities and experiences—so they can become catalysts for growth and innovation in a changing world.

Who we are

The mission of Earlham College, an independent, residential college, is to provide the highest quality undergraduate education in the liberal arts, including the sciences, shaped by the distinctive perspectives of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Our mission and Principles & Practices

Earlham was founded by Quakers, and their purpose-driven heritage remains with us to this day through our Principles and Practices.

A rich history

Earlham has always been a community committed to doing good and pursuing truth, and Earlhamites have never shied away from doing what’s right.

Sustainability at Earlham

Earlham College is engaged in multiple efforts to balance the environmental, economic and social impacts of campus operations.

Diversity at Earlham

Earlham welcomes a broadly diverse student body, faculty and staff to its campus.

With a quarter of our students identifying as domestic minorities and another 20 percent coming to Earlham from homes outside the United States, our classrooms, clubs and activities benefit from the wide variety of perspectives and experiences our students bring.

Leadership & Administration

Earlham is rooted in a belief in representation and equality, and this is reflected through the governance of the College. Earlham’s leadership and administration are made up of outstanding and caring members of our community who are dedicated to provide an education of the highest quality. Our presidentcabinetBoard of Trustees, administrative offices and academic departments use consensus and consultation in their decision-making, creating an open and cooperative environment for faculty, students and staff.

We are committed to the health and safety of our students.

At Earlham College, we are committed to providing an environment that ensures safety, equality, peace and justice for all community members.

We have a dedicated department of public safety available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also have a variety of resources, programs and information sources to support your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Our location

Our 800-acre campus is nestled in the heart of Richmond, in Wayne County, Indiana. Richmond and Earlham share a mutually beneficial connection, and our location allows for the best of both worlds—big city amenities aren’t far away, and outdoor activities abound.

Interested in visiting Earlham?

We believe that our community is a special place and would love to have you be a part of it, even just for a visit! Plan your visit to campus today or request more information about Earlham College.

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