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Community and residential life

Earlham isn’t the kind of place where you’ll socialize exclusively with students from your own major or make friends only with people from similar backgrounds. We work hard at creating a real community—where people celebrate together, have fun together, cheer one another on at games and performances, offer support to those who need it and hold one another accountable when things go wrong. Those values are at the heart of how we live together, in residence halls and college houses, working together to make Earlham a good experience for everybody.


On-campus living in Earlham College’s residence halls, apartments and houses has all you’ll ever need in a college residential experience. In many ways, college is a new beginning–a chance to meet new people, build relationships and re-define yourself as a person. The average college student spends twice as much time in their residence hall as they will in the classroom, and so choosing the right community to live in is an important decision.

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Residential Experience

Residential programs and services are what separate the on-campus living experience from an ordinary off-campus space. At Earlham College, we believe in the positive and long-lasting impact that an on-campus living experience has on our students. We know that learning does not just occur in the classroom, which is why we require all of our students to live on-campus–to balance their academic work with practical and social experience. Together, the Earlham College residential program complements the academic curriculum and provides structure for whole student development.

More information and resources

The Office of Residence Life supports and encourages students by providing guidance in contemplative inquiry, opportunities for dialogue, sponsoring celebratory communal events, and supporting opportunities that enable students to put their most cherished beliefs into daily practice.

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.