Residential support

At Earlham College, we believe in the positive and long-lasting impact that on-campus living experience has on our students. We know that learning does not just occur in the classroom, which is why we require all of our students to live on-campus–to balance academic work with practical and social experience. Together, the Earlham College residential program complements the academic curriculum and provides structure for whole student development.

Services such as our break shuttle service to the Dayton International Airport during academic year breaks, on-campus storage to facilitate easy transition between academic year rooms and off-campus programs, and a room change process that is dynamic and accessible to meet student needs. Together, we provide a strong, supportive environment to explore and that builds independence as you progress toward graduation.

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Our student staff team consists of over 50 compassionate, bright, responsible and out-going student leaders committed to creating inclusive and welcoming environments within our residential communities. These student peer leaders are excellent resources for new and continuing students connecting them to campus resources and events, student organizations and more.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our student staff opportunities!


Earlham College offers shuttle service to the Dayton International Airport as students are leaving for and returning from winter break. The shuttle runs on specific days leading up to and just following these breaks. Shuttle service fees are charged to your student account and cover the expenses of the service.

You must make a reservation in advance to ride the shuttle. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis; you should register early to ensure space is available at your preferred shuttle time. Registrations must be submitted online. All dates and departure times are set by our shuttle service transportation company, and we are currently unable to offer shuttles on different dates or times than those listed or from locations other than the Dayton International Airport. If you are in need of alternative dates, times or locations for shuttles, we encourage you to check out alternative transportation options.

Service cost is $35 each way ($70 round trip) and the charge will be applied to your student account. Late reservation requests that are granted will be charged an additional $15. You can change, modify or cancel your registration up to 72 hours prior to the shuttle trip. After that time, changes cannot be processed and you will be financially responsible for service charges. To change your reservation, make a new one online. The old one will be overridden. To cancel a reservation, email the Office of Residence Life.

Shuttle transportation during breaks is provided by a contracted, licensed and insured professional transportation company. Please select a shuttle time that is, at minimum, 3 hours in advance of your scheduled flight departure in order to allow flexibility in the event of rescheduling or adverse weather. Travel time between the College and Dayton International Airport is approximately 1 hour. In general, check-in times range from approximately 1 hour to the recommended 2 hours in order to complete security checks.

All dates and departure times are set by the company through which we contract our shuttle service. Shuttle trips must have a minimum of 4 riders or will be subject to cancellation; if canceled, you will be rescheduled to an earlier departure time in order to accommodate your flight. Those impacted by a shuttle reschedule will be contacted in advance and notified of the cancellation and reschedule. The first outbound shuttle of the day will not be canceled unless there are no riders pre-registered. Likewise, the final shuttle of a given day will not be canceled unless there are no pre-registered riders. Remember, you must be pre-registered to use the service. Those not pre-registered will be charged an additional $15.

All outbound shuttles to Dayton International Airport depart from the north end of the Carpenter Hall parking lot. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your shuttle departure time in order to allow for loading and timely departure. Shuttle drivers depart on time in order to get riders to the airport on time. They cannot wait for late arrivals without putting other riders at risk of missing flights.

Shuttle riders returning to Earlham from Dayton can let our shuttle provider know they have arrived by proceeding to the “Welcome to the Miami Valley” kiosk near the main entrance to the airport terminal. Riders can pick up the phone at the kiosk and select “Charter Vans” which will connect them directly to the shuttle dispatch staff. Shuttle dispatch staff can also be contacted directly by calling (937) 898-4043.

Charter van personnel will instruct riders on the loading location at that time. Remember, you must check in with shuttle staff so the drivers are aware that you’ve arrived and are pre-registered to ride the shuttle. Those not pre-registered will be charged an additional $15.

Transportation options outside of the shuttles offered or to other regional destinations include:

  • Depot Taxi – 765-209-2092 (Will go to/from the airport, can call ahead to schedule pick-up in advance/get price quote.)
  • – Bus service with pick up at a local gas station (1340 Industries Rd.) that goes to/from Indianapolis, Dayton and Chicago. Tickets can be purchased on their site.
  • Send an email to our campus-wide “miscellaneous” listserv. Students frequently send emails requesting rides here, and if someone is available to help or is headed that way, they may be able to help.  The email address is [email protected].
  • There is an Earlham Ride Board Facebook group for students to join and request rides.
  • Utilize popular taxi/rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. Both apps are available for Apple and Android products and there are drivers in the Indianapolis/Dayton/Richmond areas for Uber and in the Indianapolis area for Lyft.

This list represents taxi and shuttle options frequently recommended by current students and does not constitute an endorsement of any one service over another. If your company would like to be included on this list, please email [email protected].


To loft your bed, you must use Earlham College-approved lofting kits. Earlham offers a limited number of lofting kits throughout the academic year at no charge. These kits are available by reservation and then on a first-come, first-served basis. Loft kits may be reserved using the online Loft Reservation Form. After the deadline passes, the remaining loft kits will be available on a first-come, first-served basis when the halls open for new students.

Loft kits are available for pick-up from Warren Hall basement. Earlham College is not able to deliver loft kits to student spaces. Any reserved loft kits not picked up by this date will be offered to the next individual requesting a loft kit.

Loft kits must be returned to the College prior to moving out of the residence hall. If you’re not returning for the spring semester, you should make arrangements to return your loft kits by the end of fall semester. If leaving at the conclusion of the spring semester, you should make plans to return your loft kit to Warren Hall basement prior to the end of the semester. Exceptions may apply for approved late departures.

All lofts should be returned to the loft storage room in the basement of Warren Hall where they should be signed back in with a residence life staff member. Loft kits should not be left behind in student rooms, in residence hall hallways or stairwells, or in the hallway outside of the loft storage room. Loft kits that are not properly returned incur a $25 fee that will be added to the responsible student’s account.

If you no longer want your loft kit during a semester, you may either make arrangements with the area director of Warren, Wilson and Mills to return the loft kit during RA-on-call hours or complete a Loft Transfer form and transfer the loft to another student.


Earlham College provides, as space permits, storage space during the summer months or during an Earlham College-approved off-campus program. Those participating in a non-Earlham College off-campus program, graduating or taking a leave of absence do not qualify. Qualifying students can drop items off for storage two weeks prior to the start of departure and should collect items from storage two weeks after return or by the date specified upon drop-off.

Items dropped off must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Packaged in sturdy, sealed boxes or similar containers (e.g. plastic bins, luggage).
  2. Each box/container can be no larger than  18 in. x 18 in. x 24 in. (7,776 cubic inches) or equivalent dimensions.
  3. Each student is only allowed to store six (6) containers in storage at any given time.

There are several items not permitted in storage:

  1. Flammable substances (lighters/lighter fluid, gasoline).
  2. Unboxed/unsealed items (i.e. bicycles, furniture, rugs, duffel bags).
  3. Refrigerators (boxed or unboxed).
  4. Food/beverages.
  5. Illegal items (drugs, paraphernalia).


  1. Request Your Tags and Forms. Submit an online request for storage tags and forms using the Storage Request Form. Storage tag requests are processed once daily, and students are notified by a member of the residence life team via email once their request has been processed. Requests are typically processed within one business day after they have been submitted.
  2. Collect your tags and forms. Visit the Office of Residence Life in Earlham Hall to pick up storage ID tags and forms. We provide six tags to attach to your storage items and individual forms for each tag that must be submitted when the storage item is dropped off. Those who do not have tags will not be able to store items on campus.
  3. Pack your storage items. You can pack up to six items for storage on-campus. These items must meet the guidelines below and must be stored in boxes, plastic bins/tubs, and/or suitcases. Residence life staff will not accept items for storage in any other form.
  4. Drop off your items for storage. Review the Residence Life website for drop off times. When arriving to drop off items for storage, item(s) must have the storage tags and forms provided by the Office of Residence Life.

On-campus storage space opens for student use in the days before each semester ends. Storage remains available throughout the close of the semester or until space has been filled. Contact the Office of Residence Life to arrange an appointment to pick up your items. General collection dates and times are posted at the beginning of each semester, detailing when staff will be available.

Students must collect their items by dates specified by the Office of Residence Life or dates/times dependent on the return from an off-campus program or academic break period. As a general rule, you should collect your items from storage within the first business week after you have returned from break or your off-campus program. Items that are left in campus storage past their collection dates are subject to removal and disposal.

The following residence halls have storage space available to students:

  • Barrett Hall
  • Mills Hall
  • Olvey-Andis Hall
  • Warren Hall
  • Wilson Hall

More information and resources

The Office of Student Life works behind the scenes to keep you safe, healthy and fulfilled throughout your journey at Earlham College. Whether you are looking for academic advice, a shoulder to lean on, or opportunities for personal and professional growth, our team is here to support you through it all.