Equestrian Program

As the only student-run barn and collegiate horse program in the U.S., Earlham’s equestrian program provides a wealth of opportunities not available at any other college or university.

Our on-campus facility, the Suzanne Hoerner-Jackson Equestrian Center, provides opportunities for staffing, maintenance, and management as part of the Earlham College Barn Cooperative (co-op), executive management of the Equestrian Center and Coop as part of barn staff, instruction of courses and horse riding through the barn’s extensive Athletics & Wellness training program, training and competition with the Earlham College equestrian team in the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) under Coach Sheila Wilson and the potential for a lifetime of engagement through the Friends of Earlham College Stables (FOECS). Barn staff is in close contact with FOECS, many of whom own horses and run barns. These alumni support the barn, visit biannually, and collaborate with barn staff on major decisions, providing invaluable mentorship to students in the program. 

Earlham College also offers a unique equestrian management minor, which recognizes the great deal of work students do as part of their training and leadership managing Earlham’s barn and stables and teaching the program’s curriculum. 

If you have any questions about how the program is operated or the Cooperative is run, please contact us or refer to our policy.

Girl walking horse on lead

“The Earlham Equestrian Program is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It allows for people from all different backgrounds and levels of horse knowledge to come together and learn about caring for horses. It teaches way more than the basic horse knowledge. In this program you truly learn all aspects of horsemanship. It lets you choose what kind of person you want to be in relation to horses and helps you to really understand how a horse thinks and how to connect with them. It’s a great place to be. I know my horsemanship has changed drastically in the time I’ve spent at Earlham.”

Zoe Wallis ’19
Student walking horse

The Cooperative

As a completely student-run program, the Earlham College Stables Cooperative is a unique community. 

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Hunt seat equestrian team

The mission of the hunt seat equestrian team is to enable student riders from any skill level and economic background to compete in horse shows through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

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Lesson program

We welcome both Earlham students and members of the community to join us for weekly lessons.

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Bringing your horse to Earlham means keeping your equine friend in a beautiful facility within walking distance of your dorm room, all at an affordable rate.

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Suzanne Hoerner Jackson, a major supporter of the Equestrian Program and for whom the Equestrian Center is named, passed away on July 7, 2017, in Wayzata, Minnesota. Suzanne was born in Keokuk, Iowa, on March 6, 1928, and later graduated from Earlham.

Suzanne enabled the construction of our beautiful barn and arena in 1999 and remained an enthusiastic supporter of the program ever since, attending the meetings of the barn Friends regularly for as long as she could. Her visits at Earlham were eagerly awaited by students, and over the years she supported hundreds of students in their endeavors to run the Equestrian Program. Suzanne’s daughter, Sandy Jackson, also has been an ardent supporter of the program and a member of the Barn Friends. The Equestrian program extends its heartfelt sympathy to the Hoerner-Jackson family, as well as gratitude to Sandy for her continued support and devotion to the program. Suzanne will be immortalized in the many students whose personal and professional successes are a result of the program she enabled, supported and loved.

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