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Student Organizations


Students are encouraged to become active and informed participants during their time here at Earlham. Student organizations are a good catalyst for this participation. This section provides you with all current student organizations. We invite you to find your niche through these groups. We welcome new ideas if you feel passionate about something that is not found within these pages. We want your voice to be heard.

If you have questions about organizations, please contact Office of Student Life at 765-983-1311.


Service Clubs

Action Against Sexual Violence (AASV)

Conveners Nic Goddard and Tamara Blagojevic
Business ManagerDaniel Oni
Faculty Adviser - Michelle Tong

Action Against Sexual Violence (AASV) is a community united by a common vision. We view rape and other forms of sexual assault as part of a larger societal problem. We are working to change the structures that encourage and condone this kind of violence. Sexual assault is never the survivor’s fault. No one wants or deserves to be sexually assaulted. AASV provides for the Earlham Community education in topics involving sexual assault, the dangers of masculinity and violence issues. The hope of AASV is to raise awareness of the many conflicts and issues that pertain to and are a precursor of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Center for Inclusive Gender Identities (CIGI)

Conveners - Maeve McNamara
Faculty Adviser - TBA

Habitat for Humanity Chapter at Earlham

Conveners - Anabel Evans and Harrison Rice
Faculty Adviser - TBA

Health Club

Conveners Abbey Zanatta and Lobsang Palmo
Business ManagerJessie Pilewski
Faculty Adviser - Jessie Pilewski

Net Impact Chapter at Earlham

ConvenersNyamedze Koomson
Business ManagerAryaan Shrestha
Faculty Adviser - Gene Hambrick

Sexual Health Peer Educators

Conveners Selena Faith and Angelica Carpio
Business ManagerKathy Wuertemberger
Faculty Adviser - Kathy Wuertemberger


ConvenersTom Stevenson and Camille van der Vaart
Business ManagersCamille van der Vaart
Faculty Adviser - Ryan Murphy

Spectrum serves as a support system for those with marginalized romantic or sexual orientations and gender identities. We also seek to increase campus awareness of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer related issues, and we invite any interested persons, regardless of sexual, romantic and gender identity, to join group meetings, movies, lectures, discussions and socials. Spectrum believes it is important for every individual to be able to fully express themselves and feel confident in all aspects, including in sexual, romantic and/or gender identity.

Substance Abuse Awareness Club

Conveners - Irving Barrera and Mason Whisman
Business Managers - Jacob Cope
Faculty Adviser - Jonathan Diskin

Voter Registration Volunteers

Conveners - Elsa Hoover
Faculty Adviser - Jana Schroeder

Cultural Clubs

Black Student Union

ConvenersHephzibah Okorie, Cynthia Lanor, Esther Mano, Sheldon Lindsey, Johnette Williams, Qawi Rucker
Faculty Adviser - James Logan

Earlham’s Black Student Union serves as a guiding organization to PASE, BLUE and BMU. BSU supports the three student organizations in order to construct a more stable union that can better serve the African diaspora at Earlham. The Black Student Union is both a support and action group for all of its members; focusing on reflecting the principles of love, perseverance, and unity.

International Student Coalition

Conveners - Trevor Marimbire and Donna Tin Sun
Faculty Adviser - TBA

We strive to educate and expose students to varying ethnic cultures and societies, and encourage students to explore and seek these cultures. Serving as a liaison between non-domestic and domestic students at Earlham, we also understand the importance of learning through others’ global experiences and understanding different perspectives.

Pura Vida Latinx

Conveners - Pablo Rios-Cruz and Claudia Gonzalez Niño 
Faculty AdviserBelen Villarreal

Vietnamese Student Association

Conveners - Trang Nguyen
Business Manager - Dai Nguyen


Political Clubs

Earlham College Democrats

Conveners - Grace Wiley and Julian Banks
Business Manager - Jessie Fanini 
Faculty Advisor - TBA

Model United Nations

Conveners - Salma Khalaf and Achiad Kalman
Faculty Adviser - Peng Yu
Website -

The mission of Model UN is to plan and operate an excellent Model UN conference for area high school students. We also send Earlham students to university-level conferences with the intention of skillfully representing member states.

Students for Free Tibet

Convener - Lobsang Palmo and Kanako Akiyama
Faculty Adviser - TBA

Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP)

Conveners - Zaid Daana
Faculty Adviser - TBA

Out of our conviction that the Palestinian narrative is misunderstood and weakly represented in America, Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP) is an organization that works towards highlighting the sufferings of the Palestinian people and the violations of their rights. SPJP at Earlham College was initiated by a group of committed students in January 2008 with a mission of informing the Earlham community about the plight of the Palestinian people by conducting cultural events, festivals, exhibitions, letter writings and petitions on numerous human rights violations and calling for a just and durable solution to the conflict in the Middle East.

Religious Clubs

Visit the Religious Life Groups page at the Religious Life website.

Sport Clubs

Aikido Club

Convener - Ian Shriner
Faculty Adviser - Dan Atwater

Badminton Club

Conveners - Jimin Yoo
Faculty Adviser - Gene Hambrick


Convener - Unaizah Abbas and Karun Rathi
Faculty Adviser - Jason Fleenor


Convener - Alexander Pageotte
Faculty Adviser - TBA

Hunt Seat Equestrian Club

Conveners - Maxine Scherz
Coach - Sheila Wilson
Faculty Advisers - Cynthia Fadem
Website -
Facebook -
Instagram -
IM Leagues Club Page

The mission of the Hunt Seat Equestrian Team is to enable student riders from any skill level and economic background to compete in horse shows through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) — Zone 7, Region 1. The Equestrian Team was formed to provide students interested in horses and riding an additional opportunity to ride and advance abilities in a competitive setting. The Equestrian Team aims to ride at a competitive level with other institutions while also fostering a positive, supportive and fun dynamic among members and competitors. The Equestrian Team strives to maintain membership and grow in the future, increasing interest in horseback riding among the community as well as attracting prospective students.

Men's Rugby

Convener - Nial Butchart and David Preli
Faculty Adviser - Charlie Peck

Rugby football has been on campus since 2001. We are one of the most active club sports on campus.  We engage other teams from across the region with an active schedule of about 10 matches per semester.  We also have the Earlham invitational rugby weekend where teams from other schools join us here for the competitions.

Table Tennis

Convener - Emmett Salzer
Faculty Adviser - TBA

Ultimate Frisbee (Men's and Women's)

Conveners - Charlie Burton and Levi Saderholm
Faculty Adviser - Michael Lerner

The first rule in the official rules of Ultimate Frisbee is the “spirit of the game” clause. All players are expected to make their own calls and play fairly while respecting the rules and, most of all, having fun. The team travels to tournaments throughout the country.

Women's Rugby

Conveners - Lilly Hartman, Libby Fox, and Brooke Jarvi-Beamer
Faculty Adviser - Maxwell Paule

Rugby football has been on campus since 2001. We are one of the most active club sports on campus.  We engage other teams from across the region with an active schedule of about 10 matches per semester.  We also have the Earlham invitational rugby weekend where teams from other schools join us here for the competitions.

Special Interest Clubs

Barn Co-op — Equestrian Program

Barn Manager: Lucy McAfee
Barn Director: Robert Lemon
Horse Care Manager: Megan Steinhiser
Barn Correspondent: Lucy Goode
Lesson Coordinator:
 Alix Cornett

Faculty Advisor - Cynthia Fadem
Website -
Facebook -
Instagram -

Whether “horse” is to you a hobby, a sport, a lifestyle or a mystery, here is the community to pique your curiosity and sustain your passion. The only entirely student-run cooperative collegiate equestrian program in the country, Earlham College Stables offers affordable lessons and boarding to students and the community. With recreational riding on school horses and a competitive hunt seat equestrian team both available to our Co-op members in addition to the lesson program, we are in the unique position of being able to welcome new members from the full spectrum of equine experiences. It is through the collective wisdom of that diversity that our program flourishes.

Bike Co-op

Conveners: Madeline Chomentowski and Eva Wetzel
Faculty Adviser: Jason Elliott

The Earlham Bike Co-op strives to create a bike-friendly community on Earlham's campus and in greater Richmond.  Group bicycle rides are organized by the co-op and anyone of any skill or interest level is welcome to participate and be a part of the co-op.

Intro-level bicycle mechanic classes are given every semester and weekly mechanic hours are held to allow anyone to come learn how to fix bikes, do some tuning up on their own bikes, or just be around other people who love bikes!  The co-op is located in the basement of Gurney House, 326 College Ave.


Conveners: Lillian Gray and Tabitha Walters 
Business Manager: Tabitha Walters
Faculty Adviser: Vince Punzo

Brimley's is Earlham College's only entirely student-run a cappella group. We are an auditioned group of between 12 and 16 men and women, famous for our goofy concerts and dynamic personalities. All of our compositions are arranged by group members and they incorporate all voice parts as well as vocal percussion. We meet twice a week to rehearse for concerts, study-break appearances, and singing valentines.

The Crucible - Earlham's Literary Magazine

Conveners: Illianna Gonzalez-Soto and Maddie Gullion
Business Manager: Ethan Pickett
Faculty Adviser: Joann Quiñones

Cabaret Club

Conveners: Micaela Levesque and Victor Baker
Business Manager: Fawzia Istrabadi
Faculty Adviser: Mia Slayton

Clay Club

Conveners: Della Walters and Bethany Hartzell
Business Manager: Della Walters
Faculty Adviser: Judy Wojcik

Co-op Club

Conveners: Cait Conley and Grace Beavin
Business Manager: Sage Weber-Shirk
Faculty Adviser: Nate Eastman

Contra Club

Convener: Chris Fletcher
Faculty Adviser: Jennie Kiffmeyer


Conveners: Daniel Noble and Geneva Bedell
Business Manager: Laurence Ruberl 
Faculty Adviser: Seth Hopper

Dance Alloy

Conveners: Kudzai Mushonga-Hande and Tinotenda Chigasa
Business Manager: Michelle Yan
Faculty Adviser: Sarah White

Dance Alloy is a student-run, student-funded organization composed of people from all different dance backgrounds.  For at least a decade, Dance Alloy has striven to bring together dancers from all backgrounds to allow individuals to work together as a collective whole.  Each semester, our company successfully performs a full-scale production of works by students and faculty.  For each of our performances, we encourage a variety of movement styles.  Dance styles have ranged from abstract to modern, tap, swing, hip-hop, African, ballet and salsa.  Dance Alloy's goal is to provide an artistic performance outlet for those interested in expressing themselves through movement.  We do not exclude individuals on the basis of ability.  All you have to have is the passion to move.

Earlham Film Project

Convener: Phan Lan and Hanh Le
Business Manager: Salma Khalaf & Ima Varghese Mac
Faculty Advisers: Max Paule

Earlham Hackers

Conveners: Joseph Islam
Faculty Adviser: David Barbella

Earlham Historical Journal

Conveners: Hannah Lewis and Victoria Maras
Business Manager: Emily Rosenberg
Faculty Adviser:  Ryan Murphy

The Earlham Historical Journal was founded by a group of students in December of 2008 to publish exceptional works of undergraduate historical writing at Earlham College. In the Fall semester, the Journal publishes selected works from the History Senior Seminar class; in the Spring semester, there is an open call for submissions from all Earlham students. The first issue of the Journal was published in May of 2009.

Earlham Student Government

Communications Co-Chairs: Anika Sullivan and Uyen Nguyen

Nominations Co-Chairs: Donna Tin Sun and Evan Feldberg-Bannatyne

Faculty Adviser: Alcioné Frederick

The Earlham Student Government (ESG) is responsible for representing the student body of the College. The organization is comprised of the Process Keepers, Student Organizations Council, Student Senate, and the Constitutional Review Committee.

Earlham Theater Company

Conveners: Spencer North and Brianna Miller
Business Manager: Grace Nickeson
Faculty Adviser: Lynne Perkins-Socey

The Mission of ETC is to provide a space for students interested in any areas of theatre including, but not limited to; acting, directing, producing, designing, and back stage assistance. The group offers the opportunity to increase students' knowledge through extracurricular activities such as: professional workshops and lectures, peer training, and the opportunity to create and present small pieces inside and outside of the institution.

Global Females in STEM

Conveners - Megan Bennett and Salma Khalaf 
Business Manager - Krystal Lee
Faculty Adviser Fariba Khoshfa

Math Club

Conveners: Salma Khalaf and Riley Weisman
Faculty Advisers: Fariba Khoshfa

Outdoors Club

Conveners: Rosie Jacobs
Business Manager: Eva Wetzel 
Faculty Adviser: Kimberly Reid

The Outdoors Club encourages enthusiasm for the outdoors and wilderness by promoting and sponsoring activities where participants gain first-hand experience. We hope to inspire people to lead trips or expeditions and to foster an appreciation of the unique attributes of outdoor activities. We also wish to serve as a resource and provide opportunities for fun.

Recording Arts Club

Conveners - Chris Dey and Sulay Ranjit
Business Manager - Chris Dey 
Faculty Adviser - Forrest Tobey

Rose City Coffee Co-Op (Student Run Coffee Shop)

Conveners: Madeline Gullion and Aza Hurwitz 

Founded in 2011 we are a totally student run coffee shop.  We are advised by a small board of faculty and staff who help to educate us on business practices and legal issues related to running a business.  We are open various hours throughout the week and on weekends we partner with other organizations to host game nights and open mics.

Society of Physics Students

Conveners: Laurence Ruberl
Business Manager: Geneva Bedell
Faculty Adviser: Alexander Yeagle

Sustainable Agriculture/Miller Farm

Conveners: TBA
Faculty Adviser: Jamey Pavey

Vegg(IE) Intentional Eating

Conveners: Lauren Hanks and Alyssa Guritz
Business Manager: Adam Lewis Johnson
Faculty Adviser: Maggie Thomas

*Denotes all official student organizations recognized, and therefore funded by, Earlham Student Government.

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