Club sports

The mission of the Earlham College club sports program is to provide students the opportunity to participate in competitive sport clubs against intercollegiate teams, with an emphasis on student leadership, development, and involvement. Club sports represent Earlham College while competing on campus, locally, regionally, and nationally. Each club team is a recognized student organization that is affiliated with the Department of Wellness Programs as well as the Athletics and Wellness Center. The teams are administered by students under the supervision of faculty advisers and the director of club sports.


The following statements define club sports and their philosophy:

  • A club sport is a group of Earlham students that share a common interest around an organized competitive sport. While the level of competition varies from club to club, all clubs are student-initiated and student-run.
  • Emphasis is placed on student leadership, and the most successful clubs are those with outstanding student leaders. The club strives and thrives only by means of active student involvement and participation.
  • Club sports are designed to accept members of any skill level, but individual clubs may determine the composition of traveling squad(s) defined by skill level.
  • The director of club sports provides encouragement, guidance and supervision, but the success of the club depends on the involvement of students. The club will not maintain an active status without sufficient membership commitment.

Forms and Resources

As a convener of your club sports team, you are responsible for submitting the necessary forms and documentation to the club sports office.

Aikido club

  • Convener – Mateo Quiñonez
  • Faculty adviser – Dan Atwater

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club convener.

Based on the samurai tradition, modern Aikido is not strictly a martial art, but rather Japanese budo — a training and study method that applies the physical principles of the fighting arts toward the goals of peace, harmony, and self-improvement. An Aikido class is conducted in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with gestures of courtesy and respect towards teachers and students that reflect Japanese culture and Samurai tradition.

The movements of Aikido focus on harmony between two people. The person has thrown or pinned studies being off-balance and helping their partner to learn. The person who applies the control or throw studies balance and focus. Each person practices both parts. Together, the two strive harmoniously to create the most beautiful technique. Aikido’s benefits include physical fitness, challenge without competition, self-protection, and a philosophy, tradition, discipline, and atmosphere that lift students beyond exercise and technique toward a life of greater harmony.


Badminton club

  • Convener – Want to be the convener? Let us know!
  • Faculty adviser – N/A

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club convener.

Badminton club is dedicated to those students on campus who either have a continuing interest in badminton or would like to unwind on a Saturday night after dinner by trying a new sport. The club is open to anyone. Students who wish to come are free to play the sport with friends on their own or ask any club board members for instructions and tips regarding the game.  There is no need to worry about lack of ability.


Boxing club

  • Conveners – Maia Payne and Eli Sadler

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club conveners.

Boxing Club strives to train members in the skills necessary to effectively protect themselves and others against harmful persons and to provide a safe and welcoming community for people to learn kickboxing and boxing. We want community members to value their health and have the confidence and tools to be a positive force within our community. Our organization will also provide an atmosphere of positive encouragement to all those who wish to participate in this sport, or those who wish to learn more about self-defense. We will ensure a progressive and contemporary approach to promoting healthy living and safety through boxing and kickboxing. In addition, we encourage group members, as well as community members, to develop health and discipline as a method of facilitating a positive and growth-oriented lifestyle.


Esports club

  • Convener – Want to be the convener? Let us know!
  • Faculty adviser – Jason Fleenor

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club convener.

The Earlham esports club will compete in multiple games throughout the collegiate scene, including League of Legends, Overwatch, Mortal Kombat, Rocket League, and more! As a competitive program, we strive to become the best collegiate gamers in the nation! As a simple program, we aim to create a social structure for gamers of all kinds. The casual side of the club welcomes all kinds of gaming at events and meetings. We want to ensure that every single gamer at Earlham College has a place to meet new people alike, be themselves, and enjoy gaming!


The Hunt Seat Equestrian Club

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club convener.

The mission of the Hunt Seat Equestrian Team is to enable student riders from any skill level and economic background to compete in horse shows through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA — Zone 7, Region 1). The Equestrian Team provides students interested in horses and riding an additional opportunity to ride and advance abilities in a competition setting. The Equestrian Team aims to ride at a competitive level with other institutions while also fostering a positive, supportive and fun dynamic among members and competitors. The Equestrian Team strives to maintain membership and grow in the future, increasing interest in horseback riding among the community as well as attracting prospective students.


Men’s rugby club

  • Convener – Want to be the convener? Let us know!
  • Faculty adviser – N/A

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club convener.

The Earlham College men’s rugby club provides male students the opportunity to learn, play, and compete in rugby games as members of the NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization) and USA Rugby. The club rugby team competes against colleges in Indiana and Ohio and competes in tournaments in both the spring and the fall. All experience levels are welcome! Rugby is an enjoyable, intense, and simple sport to learn how to play and compete quickly.


Women’s rugby club

  • Convener –Justice Vaughn, Brooke Jarvi-Beamer & Edee Malley
  • Faculty adviser – Dan Atwater

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club convener.

Open to all eligible members of the Earlham College community, no prior rugby experience is necessary. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester, and practices are held multiple days a week. Rugby is becoming an increasingly popular sport in America, so come out and give it a try!


Tennis Club

  • Convener – Sarah Tierney and Noah RadtkeKishimoto
  • Faculty adviser – TBD

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club convener.

Club Tennis at Earlham is a student-run organization geared towards tennis players of all levels including those interested in playing at a competitive level. We are committed to providing students with an opportunity to play tennis as well as socialize with others who share the same passion and love of tennis. Weekly practices are held in the fall and spring semesters.


Ultimate Frisbee club

  • Conveners – Doug Wagner and Peter Johnson
  • Faculty adviserSeth Hopper

To learn more or join the club, reach out to the club convener.

One of the most popular sports on campus, Ultimate Frisbee is a co-ed, non-contact sport that combines soccer, football, and basketball strategies–it revolves around catching and throwing a disc and, of course, having fun. The first rule in the official rules of Ultimate Frisbee is the “spirit of the game” clause. All players are expected to make their calls and play legally while respecting the rules and, most of all, having fun. The team travels to tournaments throughout the country.

After consulting the faculty/staff member that can or will advise the organization, an email must be submitted to the Director of Club Sports Jason Fleenor at the beginning of each semester.

The Director of Club Sports will then discuss with the Director of Student Engagement. If granted club sports recognition, clubs will become recognized for the following academic year in which they will undergo a one-year introductory period.

After successful completion of the introductory period, club membership may be granted unconditionally, declined, or extended under the introductory period for further evaluation

Club sports are offered to students, faculty, and staff who meet the eligibility requirements under the rules of each individual club’s governing body. Individual clubs do not require fees (unless otherwise stated by the club). The costs of travel, lodging, equipment, and other necessary expenses can by requested for the clubs budget, and be fulfilled by student life funding. In addition, all club participants are required to fill out a participation waiver prior to participating in any club activity.

More information and resources

The Office of Student Life works behind the scenes to keep you safe, healthy, and fulfilled throughout your journey at Earlham College. Whether you are looking for academic advice, a shoulder to lean on, or opportunities for personal and professional growth, our team is here to support you through it all.