Fleet vehicle information

The Earlham Department of Public Safety is responsible for maintaining the college vehicle fleet. The college fleet is used solely for college-related activities and may not be used for personal trips. A faculty member must accompany students on trips to destinations more than 100 miles away from campus.

Contact the Department of Public Safety at (765) 983-1400 with any questions.

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Fleet vehicles

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability the Department of Public Safety has established the following rules and guidelines for the Earlham fleet of vehicles:

  • The college does not own 15 passenger vans for fleet use and does not allow their use via off campus rental. 
  • The campus fleet consists of two sedans, three 7-passenger minivans and three 12-passenger full size vans.
  • Any reservation for more than seven people will be assigned a full size, 12 passenger van or two minivans.
  • Every effort will be made by the fleet manager to coordinate vehicles to best match the size of the group being transported using the philosophy that smaller vehicles are the preference for all travel.
  • Charges for fleet vehicles are determined by the miles driven, the vehicle used, and length of trip
  • A minimum daily charge of $25 is charged for any rental.
    • Sedans are .66 or if trip is over 85 miles the charge is $65 a day
    • Mini vans are .75 per mile or if the trip is over 114 miles the charge is $90 a day
    • 12 passenger vans are .95 per mile or if the trip is over 106 miles the charge is $110 a day
  • Fuel is not charged to the user and a fuel card is provided for fill ups prior to returning the vehicle.  Fuel fill ups are the responsibility of the user. Vans must return with more than a ½ a tank or the renting department is charged a service fee of $25.
  • If the vehicle has to be cleaned after rental, additional charges will be incurred. This can range anywhere from $25 if a student worker can clean the vehicle up to $225 if a professional clean is needed.
  • No Show charge for rented fleet vehicle is $25
  • If fleet vehicles are not available to rent the Fleet Manager will try and reserve vehicles through Enterprise. Enterprise rentals do NOT come with fuel cards.
  • Be sure to plan ahead – many of the fleet vehicles are often reserved weeks or months in advance. If a request is submitted and the vehicle that you want is not available via fleet or Enterprise, due to previous reservations, it will be suggested to contact Wetzel for rental options.
  • Regardless of driving an EC Fleet Vehicle, an Enterprise Vehicle or for another rental company you must be a certified driver through Public Safety to be covered by our insurance.
  • If an accident occurs while you are in possession of the vehicle the renting department is responsible for all fees incurred that are not covered by insurance

(Updated June 14, 2022)

Fleet vehicle reservations

This form must be submitted prior to the date of the trip in order to confirm your vehicle reservation. The Department of Public Safety will email you to let you know if the requested vehicles are available.

Vehicles are available for pick-up 24/7, subject to Public Safety employee availability during emergency situations.

Please note:

  1. If your requested drivers are not certified by the Department of Public Safety, this step must be completed before they drive the vehicle.
  2. College vehicles are not for personal use or any purpose other than that authorized above. Insurance may not cover vehicle/passengers if it is used for another purpose.
  3. The driver(s) agree to obey all traffic laws governing use of motor vehicles. Driver(s) are personally responsible for any fines or charges incurred for violation of laws.
  4. If fuel credit cards are issued, the driver(s) are personally and financially responsible for their use.
  5. For trips outside of the Richmond/Wayne County area, a list of passengers is required before departure. Emergency contact numbers must also accompany the list.
  6. For those traveling outside the Richmond/Wayne County area, it is important that a cell phone be available for emergency communication. The cell phone number must be listed on the passenger listing.

To reserve a vehicle, please use our vehicle registration form.

Reserve a College vehicle using the form below.

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We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.