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Public Safety


Public Safety is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment by providing effective, efficient and consistent service to every member of the college community.

Public Safety is an integral part of campus life and on duty 24 hours a day, year round, patrolling campus and responding to emergencies and requests for assistance.

For life-threatening emergencies needing fire, police or medical assistance, members of the community are requested to call 911 immediately and then notify Public Safety at 765-983-1400 (ext. 1400 from an on campus extension) afterwards. For non life-threatening incidents and requests for assistance Public Safety can be contacted directly at 765-983-1400 (ext. 1400 from a campus extension).

Campus Public Safety Officers have the full authority granted by Earlham College to enforce the rules and regulations as outlined in the student handbook, staff and faculty handbooks. They have the authority to detain persons and request identification and will immediately involve the Richmond Police Department if criminal activity is observed or reported.

Director of Public Safety - Thomas Kearns

Assistant DIrector of Public Safety - Jason Elliott

Lead Telecommunicator - Lisa Lankford


Earlham Public Safety

801 National Road West Richmond, IN 47374 765-983-1400 (24-hours)

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Campus Alerts

Over the past few weeks there have been numerous Email messages that would fall into the category of Phishing / Malware being received by the Earlham community.
These messages often warn of your email account being closed, bank accounts being affected, credit cards being affected, someone trying to log into some type of account (email, bank, etc.) and then provide you a link to update / confirm / verify your information.
Some of these messages may also contain attachments for you to read or look at.
Please do not follow the links or open the attachments, just go ahead and delete these types of messages.  They are designed to convince you to give up personal information such as date of birth, passwords, etc., or to install malicious software on your devices.
As always, if you are unsure of what to do, please check with us if you receive this type of message and it seems legitimate.
You can forward the message to and ask us to verify it's legitimacy and we will get back to you.

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