Shannon Flaherty, Ph.D.

Assistant professor of art, art history

Email:[email protected]

Department: Art
Museum Studies

Location: Center for the Visual and Performing Arts Room 237
801 National Road
Richmond, Indiana 47274

About me

I am an art historian specializing in modern and contemporary art and the new media of video art, performance, and participatory art. I teach a variety of courses in art history, including global surveys, investigations into critical themes in modern and contemporary art, and examinations of the relationship between art and identity.


  • Ph.D., Art History, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • M.A., Art History, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • M.Phil, Irish Art History, Trinity College, Dublin
  • B.A. Art History, Wellesley College

Scholarly interest

I am particularly interested in looking at the connections between art, identity, and structures of power from a queer, feminist, post-colonial viewpoint. I really enjoy teaching new media art (things like performance, video, and installation art) as well as textile and fiber art. I also have a special interest in modern and contemporary art from Ireland and Northern Ireland. My favorite part of teaching art history is thinking about the way making, seeing, and interacting with art and material objects can tell us more about ourselves in complex and sometimes surprising ways.

Published works

“Disrupted Translations: Legibility and Identity in the Works of Nadia Myre.” International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 11, no. 3 (September 2015): 329-345.