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Student Handbook

Welcome New and 
Returning Students!

Whether you are new to Earlham or a familiar presence, I am pleased to welcome you into the new semester. The campus has been active this summer as progress is being made on the science and visual/performing arts spaces and new faculty are joining us. As we begin a new year together, the information we provide here will help you get off to a strong start.

Your 2015-2016 Student Handbook includes academic and community policies, procedures, important dates and timelines. You will be expected to read this information carefully. Your rights and responsibilities as a member of the community are important to your success academically and personally, and the Division of Student Life exists to support you in your efforts.

The Handbook is organized around five co-curricular learning goals, all of which support your academic goals and provide opportunities for your development as a scholar-leader:

  1. Living in Community
  2. Engagement and Leadership
  3. Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Service and Spiritual Exploration
  5. Wellness

These learning goals are related to Principles and Practices which is Earlham’s foundational statement of our values, beliefs and our expectations of how we live in community with one another, but don’t confuse order with value. In order to truly be inclusive, “community” requires disparate voices to articulate a shared vision. Earlham is among the most diverse liberal arts colleges in the country, and you will gain a deeper understanding of your own values in proportion to the time you invest in learning about the values of others. Our co-curricular goals are at the heart of your ability to thrive in and out of the classroom. These goals will be folded into our institutional priorities of holistic wellness, sustainability and co-curricular engagement.

As the year unfolds, I encourage you to take advantage of all that Earlham offers in terms of opportunities, be it research, the performing arts, service to the larger world, or athletics. We know that students who make strong, positive connections with other learners have improved performance in the classroom, but of equal importance, they are healthier and feel more at home on the campus. One of the most powerful learning opportunities you will experience is the act of caring responsibly for one another and expecting integrity of yourself and your fellow students. Play fair. Do what is right. Challenge what you know to be wrong. Listen intently. Think for yourself. And above all, remember that you are part of something larger than yourself, your living environment and your classroom. You are an Earlhamite.

Have a wonderful — and safe — year, and don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help.

Laura Hutchinson
Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students

Greetings Earlhamites,

Welcome Back! We are excited to welcome the incoming class of 2019. We are happy to see you on the Heart this summer for New Student Orientation (NSO). Earlham Student Government - aka ESG, is anybody and everybody who wants to be in-the-know and perhaps be involved with decision making on campus, both big and small. We, the elected members, truly want you to have a wonderful college experience. As elected Co-Presidents we represent the entire student body. Hopefully you are able to collaboratively learn, always have fun activities to go to and have a handful of unique experiences that mean something extra special to you. If you can think of a way to make something at Earlham better, we want you to tell us how.

This is Hashem's fourth semester in ESG and as a Third Year he will be returning to continue as Co-President. In February he was invited by the UNRWA (United Nations for Relief and Work Agency) to speak at the ECOSCO Youth Forum. He became the first youth representative of the State of Palestine. He spent the rest of his summer interning with the UNRWA. Hashem likes dancing (especially the Palestinian traditional dance!) and poetry reading. Lily spent her last semester in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and will return to ESG as a Third Year for her third semester in ESG. This summer she will lead August Wilderness as a Water leader and is extraordinarily excited to return to Wabikimi and get to know new First Years. Lily spends free time playing the guitar, sewing and kicking back with friends (preferably around a camp fire). She loves dogs!

In order to make this year amazing, and the years to come, we need energetic, passionate and unique individuals, like you, to join us in conversations and decision making processes. Our meetings offer you the opportunity to work closely with other students, administration and teaching faculty. Everyone is welcome to Senate meetings and we hope you take the opportunity to get involved and ask us questions. We have vacancies in student and student-faculty committees that will not only help you develop your skills, but will also help our community thrive.

We have highlighted three goals to help guide our decisions for the best year possible. First, we aim to continue improving communication channels, second, we are working on overall student involvement, and third we are rewriting the student government constitution and creating handbooks. These goals have been our primary focus for the past semester, and we will rely on this year's students to help make an even greater impact. Recently, we've held community forums and endorsed resolutions proposed by ReInvestment and Earlham BDS.

Feel free to reach out to us throughout the school year with ideas, comments and questions. Together we can make real change on campus! Together, we can challenge and be challenged!

With love and respect,

Hashem Abushama and Lily Fishleder
Co-Presidents, Earlham Student Government

Earlham College publishes two basic handbooks that provide essential information to students about the College’s programs, policies, resources and services.

  1. The Curriculum Guide details academic policies, requirements and opportunities within the curriculum. Expectations for the major, minor and degree requirements are presented in this format. It also includes a listing of faculty, the academic calendar and descriptions of curricular resources such as our libraries, informational technology and student services. Copies of the Curriculum Guide are available in the Registrar’s Office.
  2. This Student Handbook is not a contract. It is a resource for important campus and residential policies, descriptions of services provided by various College offices and other useful information regarding life on campus. Policies and interpretation are subject to change as circumstances warrant. Additional copies of the Student Handbook are available in the Student Life Office.

Updated regularly, both the Curriculum Guide and the Student Handbook refer to many documents that are on the Earlham website in their complete, authoritative and most up-to-date form at and

All Earlham students, faculty and staff are expected 
to understand and abide by the information and policies contained within the Student Handbook and Curriculum Guide.



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