Earlham’s Response to Claims of Copyright Infringement

When Earlham’s DMCA officer receives a copyright infringement notice involving music, video, software or other digital materials, they take the following actions:

  • Check the network registration system to determine to whom the IP address in question is registered.
  • Forwards the infringement details found in the notice to the individual to whom the IP address is registered, along with a message that:
    • reminds them that violation of US Copyright Law can result in legal action, and disciplinary action per the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy
    • requests that they immediately remove any copyright digital media from public access on their computer
    • reminds them that they are solely responsible for actions involving the IP address registered in their name.
    • informs them that failure to remove the material from public access within 48 hours, verified by a reply message, may result in the disabling of their network access, upon the receipt of additional notices
    • provides them a link to a document that describes the risks associated with P2P file sharing,
    • and offers the support of the HelpDesk to ensure that they have taken the appropriate steps to address the issue.
    • We do not disclose the user’s identity.
    • Repeat offenses result in the user’s Internet access being disabled and a requirement to meet with Earlham’s CIO.
    • Students who fail to comply and receive a third notice will be referred to Student Development for disciplinary action in accordance with the enforcement section of the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.