Food Policy

Earlham Dining Service (Metz) is the sole approved food service provider on campus, and by contract retains the right of first refusal to provide food for catered and served food events on campus using Earlham funds or by third-party contracts during times when Earlham Dining Service is open.

Off-campus vendors are not permitted for the 2020-2021 academic year. Per college policy, “Visitors to campus will be limited to deliveries and the College’s contracted service vendors.”

COVID-19 Regulations

  • No self-service meals, including buffets, will be permitted due to COVID-19 regulations per the Wayne County Health Department
  • All supplies, serviceware, etc. will be disposable due to COVID-19 regulations per the Wayne County Health Department.
  • All food items served should be prepackaged or preassembled. Pizza from off-campus vendors will not be permitted. 
  • All food items served should be distributed by event staff and not directly accessible by attendees.
  • Gloves and cloth face coverings must be worn at all times when serving food.


  • Pick up of food items is available to save on costs.
  • Events serving fewer than seventy-five require a two-week notice.
    • Menus must be finalized one week prior, with final counts and account numbers confirmed at least three business days in advance of the event.
    • Events with fewer than five business days prior approval will be limited to punch, hot drinks, cookies, box meals or simple deli setup.
  • No catering service will be finalized without time, location and account number.
  • A service charge will be added to catering events that are below $25.
  • All special dietary requests must be made three business days prior to the event
  • In accordance with the contract between Earlham and Metz and to ensure the safety of food, no food may be taken from an event.
  • Some venues may require an additional service charge based on accessibility and lack of direct access to approved kitchen facility, etc. (For example, the baseball field, Center for Science and Technology, Tyler Hall, etc.).
  • Cancellations: All cancellations must be done via email to Event Services at [email protected] and Metz Catering Manager.
    • More than three business day notice – no charge
    • Less than three business day notice – 25 percent of total
  • Basic linens are included in catering charges. Any additional items or special colors (aside from black, white, or burgundy) must be requested two weeks in advance. There is a charge for linen requests that do not require food.


  • Plastic styrofoam carryout containers are provided by Earlham Food Service. No other carryout containers are allowed to be used to take food from the dining hall due to COVID-19 regulations.
  • No food may be removed from the dining hall unless it’s part of a to-go meal.
  • Refilling beverage bottles or other types of bottles at the soda system is not allowed by the State of Indiana Health code.
  • As per contract with Metz, no food is to be removed from a catered event to ensure food safety.

Earlham sponsored fundraisers, bake sales, potlucks, concession sales will not be permitted due to COVID-19 regulations. 

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Earlham Office of Events in the lower level of Runyan Center. Contact information: Director of Events Joe Lepone, [email protected], 765-983-1771

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