Events Policy

Approved by the President, May 2004

Purpose. Events are special opportunities that serve the mission of Earlham College by extending and enriching the opportunities provided by our curriculum and campus-organized activities, generally by inviting visitors to speak or perform on campus. Each year we want a broad variety of such special opportunities: intellectual, spiritual, and creative.

Some events are open only to members of the Earlham community. At others, clearly designated as public events, we welcome our neighbors in Wayne County and environs. This policy also covers Earlham events held off the college campus.

Most Earlham events begin with a short period of silent gathering. Earlham College is devoted to the idea that truth is best sought and most likely to be found through honest questioning and open listening, through rigorous reasoning and calm reflection. All those attending events at Earlham, members of the campus community and visitors, are expected to treat all others with respect. Orderly dissent is honored at Earlham, but the use of intimidation or force in dissent is entirely unacceptable.

Sponsorship. All events should have a sponsor: the college as a whole, an academic or administrative department, or a recognized student organization. The sponsor is responsible for seeing that all aspects of the event are in keeping with relevant college policy and that invited guests are treated with care, respect and dignity.

Invitations to speakers and performers in no way indicates that the college or the sponsor agree with points of view that may be expressed at the event.

The college as a whole sponsors only a few events each year: Convocations, Arts and Lectures series events, Commencement, Honorary Degree ceremonies and occasionally other special events. Either the Events Committee or the President serves as sponsor under this policy for College-sponsored events.

Coordinator of Events. Under the supervision of the V.P./Community Affairs, the Coordinator of Events oversees all arrangements for certain assigned events (including many of those sponsored by Earlham as a whole) and also provides advice and guidance for others sponsoring events.

Budgetary Arrangements. The sponsor of the event is responsible for all expenses for the event, drawing from restricted funds or operating budget funds for which it is responsible, or drawing from restricted funds or operating budget funds contributed by others for the event.

Scheduling. Sponsors schedule events by first reserving an appropriate space on campus for the event, and then by listing the event on the college web calendar. Normally, events should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Public events should normally be scheduled at least two month in advance so that we can make adequate arrangements for external publicity.

No competing events may be scheduled during Convocations, College Meetings for Worship, or other special events so designated by the President.

Sponsors that schedule an event between 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. can request the event be shielded. When an event is shielded, no other event can be scheduled concurrently. The exceptions are previously scheduled events, films, and small events restricted to a particular group and number of people such as hall dinners, video showings for a class, or committee meetings. Shielding decisions are made by the Events Committee.

Events are more likely to be shielded if:

  • shielding is requested at the time of scheduling,
  • the event has shown in the past it will attract a large portion of the community,
  • the event is academically related,
  • shielding will have a significant financial impact on the sponsoring group,
  • the event will be a culminating experience for participants, or
  • the event will only be offered once.

Publicity. Sponsors should arrange that events be publicized on the campus at least one week in advance through the college’s regular means for communicating with faculty, students and staff, especially Around the Heart and the faculty newsletter.

Publicity off-campus, for public events, should be coordinated through the Coordinator of Events, who will involve the Marketing and Communications Office as appropriate.

Earlham Services. Sponsors should consult with the Coordinator of Events about any assistance that may be needed regarding audio-visual equipment, food, housekeeping or site preparation. If such assistance is needed sponsors should make arrangements with the following departments:

For audiovisual resources:Instructional Technology and Media
For Food:Sodexho
For housekeeping:Aramark
For Site Preparation:Maintenance

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