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Academic Enrichment Center


The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) is guided by the mission of Earlham College: to assist every student in discovering the “teacher within.” AEC focuses its work on aiding and enhancing the broad range of academic skills necessary for all Earlham College students to be successful. 

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The programs of AEC utilize the collaborative nature of the College that partners students with students and students with faculty. The design of these partnerships inherently encourages the development of active, self-aware learners and often serves as the catalyst for students as they begin their transition into independent, life-long learners.

AEC is the College's disability services office for students. Under the direction of the Director, who also serves as the College's 504 Coordinator for students with disabilities, the AEC manages the documentation of disabilities, processing of accommodation requests, and is the primary support person for adaptive technology.

Most college students discover at some point in their academic career that they would benefit from additional academic support. The Academic Enrichment Center offers free peer tutoring to all students, has information on disabilities and study skills, and meets individually, on a limited basis, with any student to work on learning strategies.

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