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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

A high quality liberal arts college that is also affordable.

A quality liberal arts education at a private college can be affordable. At Earlham, we recognize for many families cost is a key factor when evaluating colleges. We are fortunate to address these concerns from a position of fiscal strength. We have a healthy endowment and a strong network of alumni and friends who believe in the value of an Earlham education. These factors benefit our current students, and those considering a future at Earlham.

More than 95 percent of Earlham students receive some form of financial assistance.

When combined with federal and state grants, as well as outside scholarships, Earlham can be just as affordable as a public university. See for yourself. The graph below shows the average aid award our students receive based on total adjusted income per household.

Adjusted Gross Income Total Aid
$0 - $50,000  $50,555
$50,001 - $75,000  $47,446
$75,001 - $100,000  $45,515
$100,001 - $125,000  $39,266
$125,001 - $150,000  $33,886
$150,001 - $175,000  $30,951
$175,001 - $200,000+  $26,327
— 2018-19 Financial Aid Data

Looking specifically at the range of aid awarded per household income level provides a better sense of how we do our best to meet every student’s financial need. Here's the range of awards for 2018-19. Awards use FAFSA information and can vary based on individual circumstances.

Adjusted Gross Income Range of Awards
$0 - $50,000 $38,000 - $59,300
$50,001 - $75,000 $27,700 - $59,900
$75,001 - $100,000 $29,500 - $56,860
$100,001 - $125,000 $20,100 - $51,635
$125,001 - $150,000 $21,052 - $55,765
$150,001 - $175,000 $20,000 - $50,320
$175,001 - $200,000+ $12,000 - $45,985

Throughout this section, you can read about the various types of aid we offer, as well as links to outside sources of funding. Take time to use our Net Price Calculator to get a sense of how much aid you could be awarded, but understand that the final award is thoughtfully considered for each student individually.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us personally.

Important FAFSA Deadlines

If you would like to apply for need-based financial aid you need to complete a FAFSA as early as October 1. For more detailed information please, visit “Applying for Aid.”

Key Dates:

October 1 - March 1
Suggested deadline for all incoming students.

April 15
Final deadline for Indiana residents in order to be considered for state aid.

October 1 - June 1
Deadline for all returning students who are not Indiana residents.

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