Newlin Quaker Center

The Newlin Quaker Center aims to identify and prepare young Quaker leaders, nurture Quaker scholarship and dialogue on campus, and provide members of the Earlham and wider communities with information about the Religious Society of Friends and Earlham’s living Quaker character. More broadly, the Center aims to promote conversation and cooperation among Friends, and to provide a gathering place for Friends of all sorts.

Earlham students playing in the Newlin Quaker Center yard

The Newlin Quaker Center is housed in Virginia Cottage, also the home of the Office of Religious Life, located on a beautiful and tranquil corner of campus — a perfect spot for reflection and spiritual renewal.

The Quaker Fellows Scholarship Program is a vital part of the work of the Newlin Quaker Center. The program emphasizes leadership growth, community development and spiritual experiences.

Additionally, the Newlin Quaker Center offers programming throughout the year related to Principles and Practices, consensus-based decision-making and the Religious Society of Friends.

Photo of the front of the Newlin Quaker Center
Newlin Quaker Center at Virginia Cottage

About our community

Quaker Fellows scholarship

Each year, we invite a small cohort of incoming students to join a group of their upper-level peers in exploring three formation cores: spirituality, community and leadership. From your first day on campus, you will have an established community that you can turn to for support, growth, understanding and discernment.

Mindful of Quaker principles and practices, the program supports and enriches lives while engaging the whole person, preparing you for the world beyond Earlham. Quaker Fellows fill a critical role in creating and sustaining community, fostering individual and collective spirituality, and assuming leadership roles within and outside of the program. A focus on these areas helps you to illuminate you strengths, interests and passions. 

Quaker House

Quaker Housing

The Quaker Living Learning House provides an environment for Quaker students and students interested in Quakerism. The house provides an atmosphere and a space where residents explore what Quakerism means to students, community members and others. Join us for fellowship and fun! House-sponsored events include simple meals, open worship, retreats and workshops.

More information and resources

The Office of Religious Life supports and encourages students by providing guidance in contemplative inquiry, opportunities for dialogue, sponsoring celebratory communal events, and supporting opportunities that enable students to put their most cherished beliefs into daily practice.

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.