Quaker Almanac

A Ford/Knight project at Earlham College compiled a set of podcasts about Quakerism that will be available throughout the whole year. Follow the podcasts each week, or listen to each episode here.

Ford / Knight podcasts

Week 1 – Quaker Earth Care Witness and Laurie Baker (4:56)


The story of the founding of Quaker Earth Care Witness in August of 1987, and subsequent activities of this Quaker group. Next, Laurie Baker, a Quaker architect’s thoughts on faith.

Week 2 – Edward Bonnett Taylor (4:47)


The story of British Friend, Edward Bonnett Taylor, a noted anthropologist. His scholarly work centered on the origins of all religions, and the underlying unities found throughout history.

Week 3 – Bayard Rustin and Pacific Yearly Meeting (6:44)


The story of Friend Bayard Rustin, and his contributions on the Civil Rights Movement. His role has often been ignored due to his gay identity. Next, A statement from 1972 on the rights of all people to love whom they choose.

Week 4 – Southland College (4:32)


The story of the founding of Southland College. This school, supported by Indiana Quakers and others, served the black community in Helena Arkansas beginning in 1864 and continuing until the 1920’s.

Week 5 – John Dalton (3:10)


The story of British Friend, John Dalton and his contributions to science: Dalton’s Atomic Theory and Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure.

Week 6 – Francis Hole (3:41)


The story of Francis Hole, Quaker geologist, who encouraged deeper respect for soil and its connection to all of creation, including human existence.

Week 7 – Quaker Youth Pilgrimage (4:38)


The Story of the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, which seeks to foster community and spiritual growth among young Friends from all over the world.

Week 8 – Naked Quakers and Democracy (4:42)


The story of Friends in colonial times in Massachusetts, and their witness for truth. Next, statements on democracy and citizenship from George Walton, former head of George School.

Week 9 – Friends Association for High Education ( 4:27)


The story of founding of the Friends Association for Higher Education, and its subsequent activities.

Week 10 – Sojourner Truth (4:32)


The story of the visit to Indiana Yearly Meeting in 1874, by Sojourner Truth, noted anti-slavery and pro-women’s suffrage activist.

Week 11 – William Boen (4:50)


The story of William Boen, who worshiped among Friends after gaining his freedom from slavery in the early 19th century. Although delayed for many years, eventually he was welcomed into membership.

Week 12 – Friends Committee on Consultation (5:36)


The story of the founding of the Friends Committee on Consultation, which has sought to bring together Friends from all around the world since 1937.

Week 13 – AFSC and Gestapo (4:09)


The story of Friends in 1938 that persuaded Nazi leaders to allow them to offer relief for suffering Jews in Germany.

Week 14 – Elizabeth Hooten (4:05)


The story of the Elizabeth Hooten’s remarkable ministry in the early days of the Quaker movement.

Week 15 – Lucretia Mott (4:41)


The story of Lucretia Coffin Mott, who was an anti-slavery activist and organizer for women’s rights.

Week 16 – Pearl Spoon (6:06)


The story of Pearl Spoon, of Kansas. She was a teacher of children: in the mountains of Tennessee, Kaimosi, Kenya, and Wayne County, Indiana.

Week 17 – DeElla Newlin (4:09)


The story of little-known Quaker woman, Della Leonard Newlin. She served as a pastor in Indiana and Ohio, and as a teacher in Nairobi, Kenya.

Week 18 – Margaret Fell (4:38)


The story of Margaret Fell, whose letters to early Friends offered support and encouragement. Her life of service and administrative skill has been an inspiration for all Quakers since those days.

Week 19 – Tom Kelly (5:56)


The story of Tom Kelly’s life and his remarkable contributions to Quaker spirituality.

Week 20 – Abby Kelly (5:56)


The story of an amazing Quaker woman who was active in the anti-slavery movement among Friends.

Week 21 – Nigerian Civil War (5:50)


The story of Quaker involvement, behind the scenes, in the Nigerian civil war during the 1970s.

Week 22 – Casa de los Amigos (3:29)


The story of Casa de los Amigos, founded in Mexico City. Their work for peace and with refugees has continued, changed, and deepened since 1955.

Week 23 – Rhoda Coffin (5:24)


The story of a mid-western Quaker whose ministry was primarily on behalf of the ‘friendless women’ found in Indiana prisons and asylums.

Week 24 – Joseph Moore (5:07)


The story of a former president of Earlham College who, in the late 19th century, combined his love of science and his call to ministry. The natural history museum on campus honors his years of collecting, and caring about Earlham.

Week 25 – Bigelow and the Golden Rule (5:09)


The story of the voyage of the Golden Rule in 1958. These Quaker opposed nuclear testing, and sailed to the Marshall Islands in protest.

Week 26 – Laurie Baker (5:53)


The story of a British-born architect who lived most of his life in India. His structures reflected his Quaker beliefs, and he buildings that harmonized with the Indian geography.

Week 27 – Friends Ambulance Unit (3:56)


The story of the Friends Ambulance Unit and their work on behalf of those suffering during the two world wars in Europe.

[also a small Quaker joke]

Week 28 – Jean Zaru (4:10)


The story of a Quaker woman in Ramallah, and her work for peace and reconciliation in the midst of difficult times in the Middle East.

Week 29 – Quaker Working Party 


The story of the Quaker Working Party and their efforts on behalf of those in ‘The Holy Land’ in June of 2002.

Week 30 –  John Woolman and Jorge Hernandez (6:02)


The story of John Woolman’s inward journey to an anti-slavery stance, and his outward journey among Friends, to persuade them to join him in the struggle.

Also: the story of a Mexican Quaker whose calling was to the needs of street children.

Week 31 – Ham Seok-Huen (5:53)


The story of a Korean Quaker whose life-long commitment to non-violence continues to inspire Quakers around the world.

Week 32 – Rise Up Singing (4:35)


The story of the creation of the Quaker songbook, Rise Up Singing.

Week 33 – Saloma David (5:18)


The story of a Kenyan Quaker woman, and her work on behalf of peace in the world.

Week 34 – FCNL (3:34)


The story of the creation of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, founded in 1943. Their work in Washington, DC on behalf of Friends concerns is ongoing, and inspiring.

Week 35 – Francis Jenkins (3:41)


The story of a mid-western Quaker who invented an early version of the movie camera, called the Phantascope.

Week 36 – John Greenleaf Whittier (4:45)


The story of a nineteenth century Quaker writer. His poetry expressed the joys of Quaker life, and the call to social justice.

Week 37 – Rosa Poy and Quaker Exiles (4:35)

Two stories about the care of refugees: in Spain and then Mexico, and in colonial USA.

Week 38 – Tokyo Girls Friends School (4:59)


The story of the school in Tokyo founded in 1887 by Quaker missionaries, including their struggles and their triumphs.

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We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.