Quaker Fellows Scholarship

Come for the community, seek your spirituality, find your leading.

As you embark on this new chapter of your life, we invite you to explore the transformative opportunities offered by the Quaker Fellows scholarship program. Designed to enrich your Earlham experience, Quaker Fellows fosters community, nurtures your spirit, and promotes a deeper engagement with Earlham’s core values, including respect for persons, integrity, peace and justice, simplicity, and community.

Details about Quaker Fellows

About the Quaker Fellows program

Each year, we invite a small cohort of incoming students to join a group of their upper-level peers in exploring three formation cores: spirituality, community and leadership. From your first day on campus, you will have an established community that you can turn to for support, growth, understanding and discernment.

Mindful of Quaker principles and practices, the program supports and enriches lives while engaging the whole person, preparing you for the world beyond Earlham. Quaker Fellows fill a critical role in creating and sustaining community, fostering individual and collective spirituality, and assuming leadership roles within and outside of the program. A focus on these areas helps you to illuminate you strengths, interests and passions. 

Participation in Quaker Fellows involves a time commitment of about 50 hours per semester, 30 of which are programmed. The 20 hours remaining are self-chosen and completed individually. These additional hours encourage you to explore intersections between Quaker Fellows and other interests and communities. Each Quaker Fellow will be awarded a $2,500 annual scholarship as well as an enhanced financial aid package.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Program offers

30 hours of various programming are provided, including:

  • One-on-one meetings at least once per semester with program leadership
  • Weekly gatherings as a group and within cohorts
  • Themed programming that inspires holistic growth at community and individual levels
  • Experiential demonstration and application of Quaker practices and values. Among many other areas, this includes:
    • Worship
    • Spiritual reflection
    • Contributing to the well-being of the community through Quaker process
    • Learning about Quakerism
    • Discussing the integration of theology and practice

The program supports your growth in community, spirituality and leadership in a variety of ways, including:

  • Building and strengthening healthy individual and community skills and practices
  • Learning about Quakerism, sharing perspectives and exploring spiritual practices
  • Providing opportunities to fulfill clerking/convening roles in a variety of settings
  • Equipping you with an understanding of Quaker processes to apply within spiritual and secular contexts

Scholarship requirements

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • complete 20 hours of activities in areas of interest that reflect program values
  • participate in regularly scheduled Quaker Fellows activities, which are designed to equip you to assume increasing levels of leadership
  • engage with Quaker-based teachings, practices and processes
  • be an active member of a community of individuals striving to live life grounded in Spirit

Coming to Earlham College, I expected academic growth. In Quaker Fellows, my spiritual growth is also fostered – opening doors and setting me on paths I would not have otherwise found.”

— Laura Kelley ’20

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We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.