Worship and celebration

However you choose to worship, Earlham offers a welcoming community that’s ready to celebrate alongside you. Join us at College Meeting for Worship on Sundays, join a student-led worship event, or create your own in partnership with the Office of Religious Life.

Group of students signing by candlelight

College Meeting for Worship

The weekly College Meeting for Worship combines quiet worship, readings, music, and a prepared message by a senior student or faculty member. Designed as a semi-programmed Quaker service, each week’s speaker is encouraged to creatively incorporate elements from his or her own religious tradition.

Fall 2022  — Metamorphosis: The Nature of Change

Worship begins at 1:00 PM (EST) In-Person in Stout Meetinghouse beginning August 28, 2022

When have you experienced significant change or transformation? Is there a difference between the two? To what extent do you have control over the process of change? In what ways do you find yourself resisting or embracing transformation? Are there religious or spiritual teachings that help you navigate change?

Additional Worship and Celebration

Every Wednesday at 7 pm in the Virginia Cottage Living Room, Earlham Christian Fellowship meets for Bible study. If you have any questions, please contact Henry Wildes at [email protected] or August Nord at [email protected].

A variety of short (10-20 minute) guided meditations are offered at Mindfulness House every Sunday through Thursday at 8:00 pm.

Email Bridget ( [email protected] ) to be added to the email list.

For information on holiday events, all-campus Shabbats and events with guest speakers, please contact Maxine at: [email protected], Meeghan at: [email protected], or Anabel at: [email protected].

Jumu’ah Prayer takes place every Friday at 1:30 pm in Teague Library. Questions? Please email Lailul Ikram at [email protected].

More information and resources

The Office of Religious Life supports and encourages students by providing guidance in contemplative inquiry, opportunities for dialogue, sponsoring celebratory communal events, and supporting opportunities that enable students to put their most cherished beliefs into daily practice.