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Birding Big Day is on May 10-12, 2024!

We can’t wait to go birding with you all again in May! Last year, we spotted 778 species, adding 4 new species to our U.S. list while we’re at it. Will we end up breaking a Birding Big Day record in 2024?

Don’t forget! Birding Big Day is also a fundraiser to support the Earlham Fund – the unrestricted resource that touches every part of a student’s experience at Earlham.

Take a look at last year’s weekend!

As always, catch up on the excitement on the Earlham Birders Facebook group. You can also use the “Comments” section on the eBird app or website (a handy tool for all birders) by sharing your day-to-day adventures!

Pledge today

For every unique species we find, you can set a matching gift. You can also set a cap at your giving limit if we find more species than you expected.

Give today

Want to support Earlham students in honor of your Birding Big Day adventures? You can do that, too, by giving a lump sum!

How to participate for birders of all experiences!

There are two key ways to participate on Birding Big Day. First, you can join the mission by spotting birds of your own, wherever you are – in a city, in the country, or across the world! Document your finds on eBird and choose to share them with “Earlham.” For more instructions on eBird, check out this detailed beginner’s guide. If you need another way to share your birds, reach out to Bill Buskirk.

It’s also important to give back for Birding Big Day! Whether you’re making a pledge to donate a certain amount of money per unique species found or giving a fixed amount, all donations help Earlhamites find and pursue their passions!

The story behind Birding Big Day

In 1982, two Earlham professors of Biology – Jim Cope and Bill Buskirk – created the first of many Birding Big Days. They nurtured the event throughout the years and watched it blossom into an annual tradition of day-long birding in the Whitewater Valley.

After Jim passed in March 2002, Bill opened the experience to even more birding enthusiasts in Earlham’s community. And every year since then, alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends have formed birding teams with the challenge of spotting as many different species they can find in a day.

In 2008, Associate professor of Biology Wendy Tori joined Birding Big Day’s campus team, sharing her enthusiasm for ornithology with students and alumni. And in 2009, the event grew to be worldwide!

Support Birding Big Day

Jonathan Doherty ’80, Dorothy Doherty ’79, Bill Buskirk ’66, and Wendy Tori created t-shirts to support Earlham!

Next steps

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.