Peace Corps Prep Applied Minor (AM)

The Peace Corps Prep applied minor at Earlham College will prepare you for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service through four core competencies:

  • Training and experience in a work sector.
  • Foreign language skills.
  • Intercultural competence.
  • Professional and leadership development.


PC Prep Practicum
Aug. 13-19, 2022

Want to gain some hands-on experience with development work? Earlham’s one-week PC Prep Practicum, Intercultural Civic Engagement, will be offered this August before the start of New Student Orientation in Fall 2022.

You’ll move into your dorm early and work with other students to get to know Richmond the way you would if it were your placement site in the Peace Corps. Use the link below to register, and contact Jennifer Seely if you have any questions about this opportunity.

  • Cost: $250
  • Deadline to register: June 1, 2022

Training and experience

Leveraging concrete knowledge and skills is central to on-the-ground international development work. Through Earlham’s Peace Corps Prep program, you will begin to build a professional specialty, which should serve your career well whether or not you become a Peace Corps Volunteer.

There are six sectors in which Peace Corps volunteers serve, in which you’ll align your studies to as you prepare for a career in service.

Foreign language skills

Peace Corps Prep minimum course requirements align with those required of applicants to the Peace Corps itself, which vary by linguistic region.

Intercultural competence

Engaging thoughtfully and fluidly across cultures begins with one’s own self-awareness. The goal is for you to build your capacity to shift perspective and behavior around relevant cultural differences.

Professional and leadership development

Peace Corps service and similar international development work opportunities are highly professional and selective. Peace Corps Prep requires three specific activities that will strengthen your candidacy for the Peace Corps (or any other professional endeavor).

What’s it like to serve in the Peace Corps?

Check out this episode of The Listen podcast, where our Peace Corps Prep liaison and Professor of Politics, Jennifer Seely, describes her own experience in the Peace Corps.

Our faculty

Gain firsthand knowledge and instruction from faculty who served in the Peace Corps as you prepare for work in international development.

Have questions?

Learn more about declaring your interest in an applied minor and find answers to other questions you may not even know you have.

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