Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee nominates, for faculty approval, members to all standing committees except those elected directly by the faculty, that is Nominating and Faculty Affairs committees. It nominates, for faculty approval, members to other committees when requested to do so by the appropriate committees; nominates the clerk and recording clerk of the faculty; prepares and maintains a record of all committee assignments, including terms of service of the members; conducts elections for Nominating and Faculty Affairs committees; supervises and encourages the periodic pruning of the committee structure of the College; and consults with the various committees and individual faculty members concerning the composition and function of committees.

2021-22 Members

  • James Logan, (Academic Dean, ex officio)
  • Jason Elliot, (Administrative Faculty), 7/20 – 6/23
  • Lynne Perkins-Socey, (Teaching Faculty — Visual and Performing Arts), 7/21 – 6/24
  • Emmett Smith, (Teaching Faculty — Natural Science), 1/20 – 12/22
  • Womai Song, (Teaching Faculty — Social Sciences), 1/20 – 12/22
  • Nate Eastman, (Teaching Faculty – Humanities), 7/19 – 6/22
  • Kelly Burk, Convener (Administrative Faculty), 7/19 – 6/22

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