Diversity Progress Advisory Committee

The Diversity Progress Advisory Committee is tasked with thinking through, developing, monitoring, and helping to implement Earlham’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. This committee creates new initiatives to build a thriving culture of diversity at Earlham; reviews and reports on the progress of current diversity and inclusion initiatives; and makes recommendations to senior leadership for improving diversity and equity across campus. This committee works with and supports student leaders and groups (in particular the Earlham Student Government and the Student Diversity Council) in order to make sure students have the opportunity to contribute to how diversity and inclusion are understood on campus. This committee will also work in consultation with the Board of Trustees’ Diversity Committee when appropriate. DPC participates in implementing recommendations and holding all areas of the college accountable for our commitment to the belonging and success of all community members.

Current members

  • Gariot P. Louima, (Senior Associate Vice President for Strategic and Diversity Initiatives, Ex Officio)
  • Jonathan Diskin, (Vice President of Academic Affairs designate)
  • Shane Peters, (Vice President of Student Life designate)
  • Sara Paule, (Vice President of Institutional Advancement designate)
  • Nick Johnson, (Director of Athletics designate)
  • Vacant, (Vice President for Enrollment Management designate)
  • Jessica Hernandez, (Director of Human Resources designate)
  • Joe Lepone, (Director of Event Services and Runyan Center)
  • Ahmed Khanani, (Director of the Center for Social Justice)
  • Roger Adkins, (Executive Director of the Center for Global and Career Education)
  • Katie Breslin, (Convener, Senior Career Coach)
  • Rebekah Trollinger, (Teaching Faculty), 1/20 – 12/22
  • Laura Horton (Administrative Faculty), 10/21 – 6/24
  • Chelsy Nichols (Staff), 11/21 – 12/24
  • Rafael Peres
  • Vacant

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.