Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee advises the Vice President for Finance and Operations regarding the college budget and decisions that impact college finances, providing perspectives from across the community. It also reviews predictive models of the college budget and financial assessments of proposals under consideration and evaluates budgets and projects during and after implementation. The BAC serves as a conduit for community ideas regarding budgeting and other fiscal issues. It also reports to the Faculty Meeting, Staff Meeting, and Earlham Student Government as a matter of information, to keep all community members updated.

2022-23 Members

  • Stacy Davidson, (Vice President for Finance and Administration, ex officio)
  • Carrie Ervin, (College Controller, ex officio)
  • Wendy Stonecash, (Staff)
  • Chris Smith, (Teaching Faculty), 7/22-12/23
  • Dyron Dabney, (Teaching Faculty), 7/21 – 6/24
  • Jennifer Lewis, Convener, (Administrative Faculty), 7/20 – 6/23
  • O’Jeanique Washington, (Administrative Faculty), 1/22 – 12/25
  • Jonelle Ellis, (Earlham School of Religion)
  • Eylul Tas
  • Jabir Chowdhury
  • Vacant