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Vicki-Penziner Matson Field Trips

The Vicki-Penziner Matson Field Trips

Background & History:

The Vicki Penziner-Matson Field Trips are endowed by a fund set up in the memory of Vicki who passed away during her senior year at Earlham. Vicki was a Biology major, who had a strong interests in natural history and photography Vicki had deep interests in natural history and photography. Her love for the outdoors was great, and her parents and friends honored her by setting up the Vicki Penziner-Matson endowed fund with the College, the income to be used for natural history field trips that are open to all in the Earlham Community. The fund was set up explicitly to offer field natural history and photography experiences open to the Earlham community. 

The fund is distinctive, perhaps unique in higher education.  It is restricted to supporting experiences not required by academic courses and programs.  Over the past 40 years this fund has supported travel, meals, equipment and lodging (usually tents or state park cabins) for weekend or spring break trips to various sites in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ontario, Kentucky, Florida, Texas and elsewhere.  As our broader culture has become increasingly estranged from nature and the natural aspects of landscapes, this travel opportunity has become increasingly important for participants’ world-views and environmental insights.


What states have we been to ?




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