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Sandhill Crane and Indiana Dunes – 2019

“The Vicki Penziner-Matson Sandhill Crane and Indiana Dunes Field Trip took place Saturday and Sunday, November 16-17. The temperature outside during that weekend oscillated between 24F-39F and for the most part, it remained in the thirties. Our expedition gathered at 7:05 a.m. in the Center for Science and Technology (CST) lobby. There we circled up, introduced each other and learned a little more about the geography of where we were going.

We recalled Vicki’s passions for nature and her love of capturing nature through a lens. We also remembered the generosity of friends and family who established the fund that makes this perennial opportunity possible for the Earlham community.  After we got acquainted with each other and learned about where we were going, the group jumped in the vans and headed north…”

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I think the reason why the Sandhill Crane Trip was so magical was that we had people on our trip from many different departments and concentrations, which meant at every turn we encountered a new learning experience from a new perspective. A particularly beautiful moment to me was a while after getting back from seeing the migration, those of us still awake went to watch the stars. It was freezing, but we were so wrapped up in the constellations, we barely noticed.



The Vicki Penziner-Matson Sandhill Crane Field Trip at the Indiana Dunes is just one example of the off-campus experiences available to Earlham College students.