Barn Cooperative

As a completely student-run program, the Earlham College Stables Cooperative is a unique community. The cooperative includes members of the Earlham and Richmond communities who come from a variety of equine backgrounds, ranging from a lifetime of horse involvement to absolutely none.

The cooperative maintains the facility, operates a lesson program and cares for Earlham’s school horses as well as the student owned horses living at the facility.

Activities are advised by faculty member(s) and an equestrian professional from the community. As a group, we work to ensure that everyone feels welcome and has an opportunity to grow with respect to horsemanship in an environment that is safe for all horses and humans involved.

Student management

Daily maintenance of the stables is performed by the members of the co-op. Each individual is responsible for contributing to the care of the horses and of the facility.

How to join the Co-op

If you are interested in joining the Co-op, register for the course AWPE 109 Introduction to Equine Studies. Lessons are included with co-op membership; you do not need to register for riding lessons in addition.

Co-op meetings are every Monday at 9 p.m. in Stout Meetinghouse or virtually while classes are in session on-campus.

If you are not interested in becoming part of Co-op, but you want to take riding lessons, register for one of the riding lesson courses (AWPE 171-175) according to your riding ability and experience level. Use the links below for more information.

Riding privileges

Co-op members have the privilege of riding Schoolies in the arena, on the trail and in clinics, which are organized based upon student interest.

There are very few restrictions on riding at the stables, but we do follow several safety policies:

  • All riders must wear helmets while mounted on any horse.
  • Schoolies may only be ridden with a close-toed, heeled shoe or boot unless the rider chooses to ride without stirrups. 
  • Schoolies may not be ridden on the trail alone.
  • Assistants may not ride alone.
  • Schoolies may not be ridden below a temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Schoolies may not be jumped outside of a lesson without the horse care manager’s permission.
  • Lessons take priority for arena use, but other riders may ask the instructor for permission to ride around the lesson.

More information and resources

The Office of Student Life works behind the scenes to keep you safe, healthy and fulfilled throughout your journey at Earlham College. Whether you are looking for academic advice, a shoulder to lean on, or opportunities for personal and professional growth, our team is here to support you through it all.

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.