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I. Scope

The following describes billing and payment schedules for undergraduate students at Earlham College.

I. Policy

Earlham bills students roughly one month prior to the start of each semester for that semester’s tuition, room, board and fees, less anticipated financial aid.  Questions about financial aid should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

Please note: Students who fail to select and communicate to the Office of Accounting an acceptable payment arrangement before the start of each semester will be unable to confirm class registration and may be subject to a $50 late fee.

To save valuable resources, Earlham does not mail paper copies of semester bills or monthly statements to students or their families. Earlham is partnering with Nelnet to allow students access to an online Student Account Center through which they can view or print semester bills, review account activity and make payments on their accounts. Students may invite their parents or others who will pay their bills to have access to their online account as well. Due to federal student privacy regulations (FERPA), parents may only access the Student Account Center if they are granted access by the student.

Emails are sent each semester to all students and family members who are registered with the Student Account Center when bills are ready to view. Emails are also sent periodically with reminders to check the online Student Account Center for current information about student accounts.

II. Payment Options

Students have several options for paying their semester bills:

  1. Payment in full before the semester begins

    1. You can make a payment through the Student Account Center. Use your bank account at no charge or your credit card for an additional fee.
    2. Request a distribution from your 529 Plan.
    3. Apply for a private loan through a bank, credit union or another lender.
    4. Mail a check payable to:
      Earlham College
      ATTN: Office of Accounting
      801 National Rd West, Drawer #201
      Richmond, IN, 47374
    5. For bank wire transfer instructions, email [email protected]
  2. Netlnet Monthly Payment Plan

    A 4- or 5-month payment option is offered to cover semester charges. Nelnet charges a $36 enrollment fee, but Earlham’s monthly 1% service charge is waived. Monthly payments can automatically be withdrawn from your bank account at no additional cost. Sign up through the Student Account Center.

  3. Deferred Plan

    Pay one-half the amount due before the semester begins and pay the remaining balance in three equal installments, due monthly during the semester. A 1% service charge on the outstanding balance will be added to the account each month-end. To sign up for this plan, email [email protected].

    Installment Due date
    First installment (Half of the amount due) August 10
    Second installment (1/3 of the remaining balance) September 10
    Third installment (1/3 of the remaining balance) October 10
    Fourth installment (1/3 of the remaining balance) November 10

Additional charges such as health service fees, library or traffic fines, or other charges may be added to a student’s account during the semester. Accounts with an outstanding balance will be charged a 1% service fee at the end of every month. If a payment is returned by a bank due to insufficient funds, Earlham will charge a fee.

Transcripts are released only for those students whose accounts are in good standing. Diplomas and transcripts for graduating seniors will be held until all financial obligations have been met.

See the Statement of Student Financial Responsibility for further information.

III. Billing Information

  • Meal Plans: If you wish to change your meal plan, please contact the Office of Residence Life.
  • Financial Aid: Outside scholarships and work-study awards do not appear on the bill as a pending credit. Students must seek employment and report their hours to receive the work-study award. If you wish to apply your work-study award to your account, please complete a payroll deduction form in the Accounting office. If all financial aid requirements have been met, your other financial aid will be credited to your account after classes begin.  If you have any questions about your financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Refunds of Credit Balances: If your student loans result in a credit balance on your account, you may request a refund through the Office of Accounting at [email protected].  Refund checks are issued every Thursday beginning after the add/drop date, upon request.
  • Monthly Service Charge: A 1% service charge on the unpaid balance is added to your account each month-end if you are not enrolled in a Nelnet Monthly Payment Plan.
  • Refund Payment Fee: A $25 fee is charged to your account if a payment is returned by your bank.
  • Withdrawals and Impact on Charges: A student who withdraws or takes a leave of absence from Earlham after classes have begun is still obligated to pay for that semester’s room charges, prorated meal charges, and some or all of the semester’s tuition and fees.View the complete Refund Policy.
  • Student Health Insurance: All Earlham College students must have adequate health insurance coverage that is effective in the state of Indiana. Earlham provides student health insurance and automatically bills all students annually for the cost of this insurance.View the current cost of health insurance.The total cost of the College’s health insurance covers the student for the entire twelve months beginning August 1 and ending July 31. If you wish to purchase this insurance, you do not need to do anything else. You may waive our insurance coverage for the current year and have the charge reversed if you have adequate health insurance coverage that is effective in the state of Indiana. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance carrier before signing this form to ensure that services provided in the state of Indiana will be covered. Students are responsible for all medical expenses not covered by their insurance carrier.If desired, you can waive the College’s health insurance coverage online. You will need your Earlham ID# and date of birth.

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