Earlham College Costs 2020-21
19-Meal Plan$5,327
Estimated Expenses
Books and Supplies$1,050
Personal Expenses$1,050

These figures include tuition for a full-time student (between 12-18 credit hours a semester), room, full board and fees. Alternate meal plans are available and charges may vary according to the meal plan chosen.

Expenses stated for books and supplies, personal expenses, and travel are estimates and will not be billed by the College. These costs may vary significantly from student to student.

An overload charge of $1,310 per credit hour is assessed for registration in excess of 18 credit hours each semester.

A part-time charge of $1,570 per credit hour is assessed for registration below 12 credit hours each semester.

Earlham fees cover student activities, access to health services (excluding drugs and laboratory tests), athletic events admission, use of facilities including the Wellness Center, subscriptions to student publications and special events. Some courses require the payment of additional fees for materials, equipment or special instruction such as private music lessons.

All students who enroll in a May Term class pay a non-refundable enrollment fee and course fees as appropriate. For off-campus May Term classes, additional costs include room, board, transportation and course fees. May Term fees must be paid by February 15.

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Billing and Payments

Earlham bills students roughly one month prior to the start of each semester for that semester’s tuition, room, board and fees, less anticipated financial aid. Payment in full of the amount due must be made, or an acceptable payment arrangement must be in place, before the semester begins.

Earlham has partnered with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to create an on-line Student Account Center through which students can view or print semester bills, review account activity, and make payments on their accounts. Students must register for access to the Student Account Center by responding to an email they receive from [email protected] or by calling TMS at 800-307-6551. After students register for on-line access, they may invite their parents or others who will pay their bills to have on-line access as well. Due to Federal student privacy regulations (FERPA), parents may only access the Student Account Center if they are granted this access by the student.

Emails are sent each semester to all students and family members who are registered with the Student Account Center when bills are ready to view. Emails are also sent periodically with reminders to check the on-line Student Account Center for current information about student accounts.

Payment Options

Students have several options for paying their semester bills:

  1. Payment in full before the semester begins

    1. Make a payment through the Student Account Center, or visit and make a one-time payment. Use your bank account at no charge or your credit card for an additional fee.
    2. Request a distribution from your 529 Plan.
    3. Apply for a private loan through a bank, credit union, or other lender.
    4. Mail a check payable to Earlham College to Earlham College Accounting Office, 801 National Rd West, Richmond, IN  47374.
    5. For bank wire transfer instructions, write us at [email protected].

  2. TMS Monthly Payment Plan: A 4- or 5-month payment option is offered to cover semester charges. TMS charges a $35 enrollment fee but Earlham’s monthly 1% service charge is waived. Monthly payments can automatically be withdrawn from your bank account at no additional cost.  Sign up through the Student Account Center or visit

  3. Deferred Plan: Pay one-half the amount due before the semester begins and pay the remaining balance in three equal installments due monthly during the semester. A 1% service charge on the outstanding balance will be added to the account each month end. To sign up for this plan, write us at [email protected].

Students who fail to select and communicate to the accounting office an acceptable payment arrangement before the start of each semester will be charged a $50 fine and will be prevented from confirming their registration for classes that semester.

Additional charges such as health service fees, library or traffic fines, or other charges may be added to a student’s account during the semester.

Accounts with an outstanding balance will be charged a 1% service fee at the end of every month.

If a payment is returned by a bank due to insufficient funds, Earlham will charge a fee.

Transcripts are released only for those students whose accounts are in good standing. Diplomas and transcripts for graduating seniors will be held until all financial obligations have been met.

See the Statement of Student Financial Responsibility for further information.

Enrollment Deposit

Each student accepted for admission must pay a $250 enrollment deposit to confirm her or his intention to enroll at Earlham. Of this deposit, $150 covers expenses for New Student Orientation. Upon graduation from Earlham, the remaining $100 is automatically applied to the costs of the last semester of study and any excess is refunded to the student. Students who withdraw from Earlham before graduation or are on leave status are not entitled to a refund of this fee.


Each student is required to be covered by a health insurance plan. Once a year, student accounts will be charged for health insurance provided through the College.

Domestic students who are covered under another plan may choose to waive the College plan by signing and returning the waiver form by its due date, and then the charge will be reversed. International students who would like to waive Earlham’s health insurance plan must, in addition to signing the waiver form, provide written proof that they are covered by a health insurance plan that is valid in the U.S. and that provides adequate coverage for the high cost of medical care in this country.

Any student who does not complete a waiver will be enrolled automatically in the College plan.

Earlham College Student Health Insurance Plan

All Health Center charges for prescriptions, supplies and tests will be billed monthly to the student through the Accounting Office. The Health Center does not file any insurance claims. Students will receive documentation of medical services provided to use in filing their insurance claims.

Meal Plans

All students who reside in residence halls must take at least a 10-meal plan. All first-year students must take a 19-meal plan for the first semester. Alternate meal plans are available and charges may vary according to the meal plan selected. Changes to a meal plan selection must be made by Enrollment Confirmation Day. Meal plans also are available to students who reside in College houses or who live off campus.

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