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Academic Advising Information from the Registrar's Office

Please note the following expectations of academic advisers in their communication with you as a parent of an Earlham College student.

It is our intent to work in partnership with you as parents of Earlham students about the academic progress of your student. However, our primary relationship is with your student. At all times, we must honor and respect your student as a young adult whom we expect to take an active role in shaping and directing their curricular and co-curricular life at Earlham.

Given that principle:

  1. Faculty will determine the nature of your concern or question. As needed you will be directed to the appropriate Administrative Office for a direct response, i.e. Student Development, Residential Life, Counseling, Financial Aid, Accounting, etc. if there is a question that the adviser can not address.
  2. If your question is about grades, the call should be directed to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will determine if it is the billing parent making the inquiry. The Registrar's Office will be responsible for disclosing such information if the following criteria are established - you are the billing parent, legal guardian or as designated by the student, you are then entitled to have information about your student's grades and if your student has signed the waiver granting permission.
  3. Faculty should feel free to share their general impressions of "their" relationship with their advisee or student.
  4. If you are inquiring about how your student is progressing in a course, the academic adviser should use the following steps:
    1. Record the question or concern.
    2. Inform you that he/she will get back with you by a certain date and the means of communication, phone or e-mail etc.
    3. Consult your student.
    4. Consult with the faculty member of the course in question.
    5. Share the response with your student and have the student present when the call is returned to the parent or copy the student on the e-mail response.

Please review the statement on Confidentiality of Educational Records. For additional information on the Family Right to Privacy Act, FERPA, please contact the Registrar's Office.

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