Philip Auerbach Photo

Philip Auerbach

Class of 1975 Chair


Philadelphia, PA

Current City

Philadelphia, PA


Japanese Studies


[email protected]



How did Earlham help prepare you for your current career?

“Since I run a 30-year-old translation company, I was able to perfect my French during a sophomore semester in Paris and then returned to learn Japanese and do my junior year in Japan. EC also exposed me to other peoples; cultures; points of view; and most importantly, critical thinking, which is an endangered phenomenon worldwide.”

Why do you volunteer for the college?

“To reconnect with classmates, some of the finest people on the planet and to promote a school for people committed to improving the world (and to make money).”

Favorite Earlham memory?

“Having four blissful years of learning subjects I knew nothing about, including classes under the trees, plus late-night talks in the dorms, and traying.”