Adam Tobin Photo

Adam Tobin

Class of 2010 Chair


Weston and Norwalk, Connecticut

Current City

Bethesda, Maryland


Spanish & Hispanic Studies


[email protected]

How did Earlham help prepare you for your current career?

“Critical thinking; how to apply a liberal arts education and out-of-the-box thinking to practical workplace scenarios; being able to work as a team and communicate effectively with others from different walks of life; constant learning; and having an open mind to embrace differences.”

Why do you volunteer for the college?

“My family went through a rocky financial time during my junior year at EC and the school was able to support my education, to which I am forever grateful and indebted. I quickly made it a priority to give back after I graduated and continue to do so dutifully. I encourage my classmates to do the same.”

Favorite Earlham memory?

“Too many to boil down to one, but I would have to say my senior year a bunch of my friends and I entered into he Air Guitar competition and with the help of then-President Doug Bennett in tow, we won the competition and wowed Goddard Auditorium. It was exhilarating and embarrassing, but I still remember every second of it. What a night.”