Sustainability Progress Committee

The Sustainability Progress Committee recommends college sustainability priorities, tracks progress on the Earlham Sustainability Plan, leads sustainability planning, and coordinates with the Sustainability Office. It also serves as a conduit for community ideas regarding sustainability policies. The SPC reports to the Faculty Meeting, Staff Meeting, and Earlham Student Government as a matter of information, to keep all community members updated.

2021-22 Members

  • Stacy Davidson, (Vice President for Finance and Administration, ex officio)
  • Jamey Pavey, (Director Integrated Program in Sustainability, ex officio)
  • Jon Jumper (Director of Facilities, ex officio)
  • Alexis Maitlen, (Director of Food Services, ex officio)
  • Shane Peters, (Associate Dean of Student Life and Director of Residence Life, ex officio)
  • Mark Benamou, (Teaching Faculty), 10/22-6/25
  • Terence Motsi, (Teaching Faculty), 7/21 – 6/24
  • Kim Reid, (Administrative Faculty), 7/20 – 6/23
  • Nick Ervin, (Administrative Faculty), 7/21 – 6/24
  • Vacant, (Staff)
  • Cynthia Grinspan, Convener, (Staff)
  • Student
  • Student