Meet Alumni Volunteers

The passion and commitment of our alumni volunteers is part of what makes the Earlham community one-of-a-kind. From planning events to mentoring students, volunteers help us build bridges between alumni and the College as we continue to expand and support our global community of Earlhamites. Below, learn more about these individuals and why they choose to dedicate their time to Earlham College.


“Find a way to volunteer to help others know what a great and transformative place Earlham is.”

Hometown: Franklin, IN
Major: Psychology (minor in Religion)
After Earlham: Assistant Dean of Students; Director of Career Services at Franklin College


“Asking why I decided to become an Earlham volunteer is an interesting question. There wasn’t any type of thought process involved, it was just something I knew I should do when presented with the opportunity.”

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major: Sociology/Anthropology
After Earlham: Law Clerk


Think Earlham! Think back on your own Earlham experiences – was it just a classroom/academic education? How did Earlham shape and or change your values, critical thinking skills, prepare you to explore and take considered risks, create lasting meaningful friendships and relationships? Would it have been the same elsewhere?

Hometown: Corrales, NM
Major: Biology for both
After Earlham: Retired President of Experience Success! (Jerry) and retired President of Direct Insights (Jannie)


“Whatever you can do is enough; don’t feel like you have to commit 24/7, but if you can do just a little, it is enough to impact someone’s life.”

Hometown: Richmond, IN
Major: Business and Non-profit Management
After Earlham: Account Executive, RMD Patti Insurance 

Martha Henn photo


If there are alumni who don’t feel plugged in and you miss that Earlham fix in your life, volunteer. Get your Earlham on!”

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major: English
After Earlham: Grant and Proposal Writer, Community Health Network Foundation


“Volunteer to help Earlham continue to thrive because it is truly a very special place.”

Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Major: Sociology (Theatre minor)
After Earlham: Retired administrator, University of California (Los Angeles)


“The other thing I would say is figure out what you’re passionate about and figure out what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. Figure that out and try to link your interests with the institution’s best interests. More than possibly ever, the College needs our support.”

Hometown: Richmond, IN
Major: History
After Earlham: Professor emeritus


“Earlham is known, but the experience and the adjustment and the value of that education can’t be put on a glossy flyer alone. Volunteers are needed to tell their stories on what the school has offered them and where it led them in their lives.”

Hometown: Richmond, IN
Major: Psychology (Biology minor)
After Earlham: Senior Environmental Consultant, Antea Group USA


“I think Earlham needs us more than ever and they need us to help continuing to tell our stories. Also, I think if you have ever thought of sharing your craft and the things you loved doing after Earlham please do reach out to the College or someone on Alumni Council. We are here to help make sure you are connected and engaged with the College.”

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Major: English
After Earlham: Director of Admissions, Redwood Day School