Janneke Nauta Bogyo Photo

Janneke Nauta Bogyo

Class of 1967 Co-Chair


Silver Spring, MD

Current City

The Villages, FL


Elementary Education


[email protected]



How did Earlham help prepare you for your current career?

“Earlham had an elementary education program which included a great deal of participation in the local schools. I was also able to be a leader for a Girl Scout troop in Richmond. All this helped prepare me very well for my chosen field.”

Why do you volunteer for the college?

“In the past several years, many of my 1967 classmates have re-connected both through reunions and through social media. We are very eager to have a 55th reunion in a short time and we need to begin organizing for that. Two of my classmates have volunteered to be my co-chairs.”

Favorite Earlham memory?

“My favorite Earlham memory revolves around the emergence of women’s sports in the early to mid-60’s. Women’s sports were not encouraged while I was growing up but I was interested in athletic pursuits. I first joined the basketball team but abhorred the rule allowing players to play on only half the court. Some other women felt the same way so we began Earlham’s first Women’s Volleyball team. Earlham supported us with a sponsor and a van for transportation. The Men’s volleyball team provided coaching when possible because there was no staff member able to serve as our coach. I feel that being part of the first women’s volleyball team was a very important part of my Earlham career. We were grateful for the college’s willingness to support us at a time when there were few opportunities for women in sports before Title IX in the early 70’s. People are amazed to look back at this time and realize what it took to give women the opportunities to develop their athletic abilities.”

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.