Help Us Close the Class of 2026

Help the College by confirming the next incoming class. Whether you graduated recently or more than 50 years ago, you are part of a unique group. Sharing your experiences and the love you have for your alma mater can make all the difference of a student committing to the college.

How it works

Volunteers will reach out to accepted students through phone calls, emails and/or letters to make a personal connection, congratulate them on their admission to Earlham, and encourage them to consider Earlham as their home for the next four years. We will provide manageable contact lists and include a script and FAQs to help guide the communication. An online feedback form will be provided to record notes from the interaction (if relevant), this will help the admissions office know what steps remain to help the accepted student.

The timeline

March 1 – March 15

You will hear from the Alumni Engagement Office about progress and tips for success weekly.

Resources to get started

Are you ready to help us Close the Class?

Questions? Ask us anytime

We’re happy to answer any questions that may arise as you help Build the Class of 2026.

  • Susan Hillmann de Castaneda
    Director of International Admissions and Alumni Recruitment
    Email: [email protected]
  • Michelle King
    Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
    Email: [email protected]

Next steps