Get involved in theatre

Earlham’s Department of Theatre Arts welcomes Earlham students and community members to get involved in our productions!

Partner with us!

In order to give proper support and to include more diverse voices in each production, the Earlham College Department of Theatre Arts encourages on-campus and off-campus partnerships for all productions.

Get involved as a student or individual

Earlham students and individuals in the community who are interested in participating in Earlham theatre productions have multiple options.

Dramaturg opportunities

What is a dramaturg? The dramaturg position is a relatively recent addition to the Theatre Arts. What a dramaturg does varies greatly depending on the needs of the playwright, production, and/or institution with whom the dramaturg is working. Dramaturgs tend to be people who enjoy researching unfamiliar worlds, have a passion for storytelling, and a keen interest in the collaborative creative process. They are fully committed to advocating for the audience point of view.

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