Committee on Assessment and Accreditation

The Committee on Assessment and Accreditation is responsible for guiding and coordinating assessment efforts for both academic and co-curricular activities at Earlham. In order to present evidence and build arguments to support ongoing institutional developments, strategic planning, and accreditation processes, the committee shall receive regular reports from academic and co-curricular units and provide advice and guidance on:

  1. methods to assess student learning outcomes;
  2. protocols for the assessment of quality and impact of majors/minors and co-curricular activities;
  3. periodic assessment of general education student learning outcomes (in conjunction with the Curricular Policy Committee);
  4. Academic Departmental and Program 5-year reviews.

It is the responsibility of the Assessment Committee to document assessment driven decisions and actions for the Earlham community as well as for the Higher Learning Commission’s requirements for Open Pathways Accreditation.

Current members