Admissions and Financial Aid Advisory Committee

The Admissions and Financial Aid Advisory Committee advises the Vice President for Enrollment Management regarding admissions and financial aid, providing perspectives from across the community. It also serves as a conduit for community ideas regarding admissions and financial aid. The AFAC Reports to the Faculty Meeting, Staff Meeting, and Earlham Student Government as a matter of information, to keep all community members updated.

2022-23 Members

  • Phil Betz, (Vice President for Enrollment Management, ex officio)
  • Mike Deibel, (Associate Academic Dean, ex officio)
  • Kathy Gottschalk, (Director of Financial Aid, ex officio)
  • Vacant, (Director of Admissions, ex officio)
  • Lindsey McGee, (Faculty Athletics Representative)
  • Angel Muñoz, (Teaching Faculty), 7/20 – 6/23 
  • J. Gibson, Ph.D. (Teaching Faculty), 7/22 – 6/25
  • Candice Quiñones, (Convener, Administrative Faculty — outside Admissions), 1/21 – 12/23
  • Robbie Bennett
  • Vacant