Institutional Data

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness serves as the primary source of accurate, consistent, definition-driven data about Earlham College. Aggregate data for points of interest such as enrollment and retention rates or survey reports are available to the public on this webpage.

Much of this institutional data is produced and maintained by other offices such as Admissions, Registrar and the Business Office. Each department is responsible for the accuracy, quality and integrity of institutional data apropos of that office. (For example, Admissions is accountable for application information; Registrar, for enrollment; and Accounting, for billing and financial information etc.) All these data, including IE data, are proprietary, i.e. owned by Earlham College. Some forms of College data are highly confidential and fall under Federal Regulations (FERPA) and may not be released in a public manner. Because extra data sets take time to prepare, this request process allows for planning, coordination and prioritization of these requests.

Submit a survey request

Survey requests should be submitted to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at least 30 days in advance of your planned collection date.

Institutional survey schedule

Routine surveys provide feedback on the experiences of students, faculty, staff and alumni. View the survey schedule and a list of current external and internal instruments used by Earlham College.

Policy details

Read our policy to learn the conditions under which data are released.