Contact the Equestrian Program

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Earlham College Equestrian Program, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the barn staff.

  • To contact the Earlham Stables management, please e-mail the barn staff at [email protected].
  • To contact a specific barn staff member, please direct your attention below.

Current barn staff members:

  • Barn manager – Lucy McAfee
  • Barn director – Robert Lemon
  • Horse care manager – Megan Steinhiser
  • Barn correspondent – Lucy Goode
  • Lesson coordinator – Alix Cornett

Faculty adviserCynthia Fadem

Equestrian team co-captains – Maxine Scherz and Alix Cornett

Equestrian team coachSheila Wilson

Social media:

IM Leagues Club Page

Barn Cooperative 

Equestrian team 


If you need to get in contact with someone directly, please see our individual directory listings.