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Areas of focus


Large-Scale Housing Initiatives and building renovation

Strategic investments in renovation and rebuilding downtown.

Revitalizations of several buildings between 5th and 13th streets.

New and modern apartment complexes, which include live/work spaces.

Renovation of significant historical buildings.

New entrepreneurial space through “Placement Loans Accelerating Companies and Entrepreneurs” (PLACE).


Business Development and Support

Free/low-cost business coaching for local small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Identification and recruitment of established regional businesses.

Expanded shopping, recreation, and creative-making options in downtown. 

Whitewater Gorge

A new riverwalk, zipline, and rowing activities at Whitewater River Gorge Park.


Revitalize Richmond will partner with two local Earlham alumni, Eric ’96 and Becky ’97 Dimick Eastman, who are in the process of opening a Makerspace in downtown Richmond. This space will be utilized to support local creativity in all its forms.

Beautification and Programming

Downtown beautification projects including public art installations, greening of spaces, new wayfinding signs.

Events and programs to celebrate the re-energized downtown and connect the Earlham and Richmond communities. 


Public Transportation and multi-modal paths

Expanded and updated public transit, including a new bike path and an electric trolley.

A new multimodal transit path connecting Earlham College to downtown Richmond. 

Improvement in service and delivery of the city’s public transit options.

A new, electric and ADA-accessible trolley that will circulate between Earlham, downtown Richmond, and the Depot District. 

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.