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Community Partners

Special thanks to all our community partners!

Central Steering Committee Members

Community Members

Dave Snow, Mayor of Richmond
Beth Fields, City of Richmond
Valerie Shaffer, Economic Development Corporation
Jason Troutwine, Reid Health
Rebecca Gilliam, Wayne County Foundation
Acacia St John, Forward Wayne County

Earlham Members

Dakota Collins, Community Relations
Kim Tanner, VP of Institutional Advancement
Kristen Lainsbury, VP of Marketing
Sara Paule, Grants Office
Meredith Edwards, Grants Office

Working Group Members

Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Thomas Hill, Cardinal Greenways
Gene Hambrick, Earlham Entrepreneurship
Tim Scales, IU East Entrepreneurship
Beth Newton, Main Street Richmond*
Andy Floyd, Main Street Richmond
Eric Dimick Eastman, Makerspace Director
Kathy Lucid, Redevelopment Commission
Roxie Deer, Richmond Neighborhood Restoration
Dave Jetmore, Richmond Neighborhood Restoration
Denise Retz, Richmond Parks and Recreation
Monica Koechlein, Richmond Symphony Orchestra
Ed DeLaPaz, Urban Enterprise Association
Jeff Plasterer, Wayne County Commissioner
Mary Walker, Wayne County Tourism

Business Representatives

Cathy Hillard, Downtown Business Owner
Cheri Jetmore, Former Local Business Owner
Ray Ontko, Downtown Business Owner
Sharon Ontko, Downtown Business Owner
Tracie Robinson, Realtor
Brian Ballenger, Local Construction Business Owner


Alison Zajdel, Independent Contractor
Patti Peterson, Independent Contractor

Consulted Stakeholders


Patty Lamson & Pavel Polanco-Safadit, Amigos1
Alexandra Pflug, Fayette Community Foundation
Jim McCormick & Traci Taylor, Independent Living Center
Lorin Williams, William Harris, & Yvonne Washington, NAACP
Melissa Vance, Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce

Higher Education

Jeff Carter, Bethany Theological Seminary
Gretchen Castle, Earlham School of Religion (ESR)
Chad Bolser, Ivy Tech Richmond
Dennis Rome & Michelle Malott, Indiana University East

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.